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From PCDJ VJ to PCDJ DEX 2: User Testimonial

Laurine Laxer has been a Mobile DJ and Karaoke Host in Key West Florida for the last 10+ Years Several years and about 6 laptops ago, I was convinced to quit buying hardware based DJ mixing decks that had to be replaced constantly…

55 DJ Controllers Now Supported

PCDJ DEX 2 now supports 55 DJ controllers from various DJ hardware manufacturers. We’ve just released our new PCDJ DEX 2.6.3 and have upped our supported DJ controllers count to 55 DJ controllers from the top manufacturers in…
DEX 2 DJ Software

PCDJ DEX 2 Get's Upgraded

Digital 1 Audio releases PCDJ DEX 2.6.3 for MAC and Windows, a feature packed free update to their DJ software that mixes audio, music videos and karaoke Clearwater, Florida, 8/8/13.  Digital 1 Audio, Inc (,…
DEX 2 DJ Software

The Face Of DEX: Why The GUI Is So Important

Does PCDJ DEX 2 need a face lift?   GUI's are paramount to the success of any software product, but even more so when the software in question is for live DJing. DJ Software doesn't necessarily need to look "pretty", but the layout and…