Karaoke Software Tip: Entering In Your Singers

PCDJ Karaoki is our best karaoke software for professional karaoke hosts.  While our DEX DJ Software includes a basic singers list and key control, in addition to DJ and video mixing capabilities, when it comes to hosting karaoke shows with…

June 2014 Karaoke Cloud Pro Update: Eclectic Pack

June 2014 Karaoke Cloud Pro Update: Eclectic Pack Karaoke Cloud Pro is a professional karaoke subscription from Digitrax Entertainment (formally Chartbuster Karaoke).   The subscription service is unique, and a licensed subscriber can use…

Karaoke Software: Singing Its Praises

The original PCDJ Karaoke software We released our first professional karaoke software for hosting karaoke shows in 2002. It was quite simply an add-on plugin for PCDJ RED VRM and FX VRM, our flagship DJ software products at…