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You MUST have Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher installed on Windows in order to activate this software. Please go Here to install.

Activation Notes:

If updating from previous version click Upgrade to update to the latest version at no charge.

If your License Code looks like this VIS-VEE-XXXXXXXXXXXX Click Activate, then Activate NEW LICENSE. Your “VIS” Code is entered in the left side box (Include All Dashes). First, last name and email is entered on the right side boxes.

If you have a License Holder Name and Purchase Reference Number click Activate, the Reinstall Existing License. Put your License Holder Name and Purchase Reference Number in the appropriate boxes

If you lost your Activation code, click Activate, then click Lost License and enter the original email address you used to register, or Contact Support Here

Do not call Technical Support for an activation code as we do not give out licensing information over the phone. This is for the protection of the original license holder.

If you receive an error on start up “Your Venue VJ Subscription Is Blocked” Please Go Here


Extra Freebies (Skin’s & Plug-ins)

To download optional skins and other freebies for VJ Please Go HERE

Instructional Videos

How To: Add Media to PCDJ VJ Database and How To: Use Automix

How To: Display VJ Video to an External Monitor or TV

How To: Setup PCDJ VJ Audio and Video outputs

How To: Ripp Karaoke CDG with Audiograbber

Click Here To Download Audiograbber

How To: Turn Off Vista’s User Account Control

Skipping, Stuttering, Audio Drop Outs and other Performance Issues

Please see this page for more information on preparing your machine for pro audio use: System Optimization For PCDJ Software

Version History

VJ 5.2

External Devices:
Hercules RMX (improved)
Denon HS5500
Denon S1200
Denon HD2500
Denon HC4500 (improved)

New commands:

Bug fixes:
Timecode: Silence & Stereo sliders are now correctly refreshed with Auto-Config
Vista UAC crash
crash with search should be fixed now
crash with “No Timecode signal found” window fixed
fixed crash with multi plugins

VJ 5.1

FAME engine:
- New BPM engine with more accurate detection (with new option: “Allow BPM<80")
- New automatic Key detection
- New optional automatic Key-Match
- New auto-gain engine

- Added fade to black on level sliders

- New engine “PCDJ” compatible with most miss pinky-based timecode records.
- New engine “Noisemap” compatible with most noisemap-based records.

External devices:
- Pioneer CDJ-400
- Vestax VCI-100
- Denon HC4500
- Xponent (fixed)
- DJConsole RMX (improved)

New functions:
- Smart beat-tap (automatically snap tapped beat to the nearest likely bpm)
- Smart play (play directly on beat)
- Smart cue (hotcue always in the tempo)

Small Improvements:
- Improved vu meters

Bug fixes:
- Many small bugs from v5.0.x fixed…

VJ 5.0.8
Features Added
Added: New Log The Search button: Will save search info to My Doc\VJ\SearchLog.txt Example: Say you didn’t have a particular Media file you could log it, in order to download them once you get back home after the party.
Added: Ability to link videos to audio-only songs (drag and drop the video on the skin’s video preview window).
Added: Option to remember manual adjustments on gain.
Added: Ultra-Latency ASIO option to Setup Soundcard that improves response when using time code.
Added: Pioneer CDJ-400 CD/Midi Controller.
Added: Karaoke Rotation List Option under Video Effects.

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