Using DAC-2 with DEX & Red Mobile (1.1)

NOTE: The DAC-2 will only work on a 32 bit OS.
To use the PCDJ DAC-2′s controls, you have to activate it first. To do this, open the options window, and select the General tab.
There you can check the PCDJ DAC-2 option and press the Config button.
Select the correct COM-port for your DAC-2 and press ‘Connect’.
-Pitch Slider Relative mode will switch between a relative or an absolute pitch slider. Absolute means that the center of the pitch slider will always be 0%. This means it can’t be used in combination with automatic bpm matching. Relative mode is default, and it means that the pitch will increase/decrease from the current pitch as you move the pitch slider, whatever absolute position the pitch slider was on. This means that the center position on the pitch slider may not always be 0% song pitch.
-Jog Wheel sensitivity sets the sensitivity of the jog wheel. The default is 100, increasing it will make the pitch respond harder on small wheel movements.

General Use

The way the Play/Pause and Cue buttons work depend on the cue mode configuration. (Menu, Options, General)
SHIFT+Play/Pause will start or stop the song slowly, like a turntable spinning up or down.

The +/- buttons will bend the pitch up or down. When the song is not playing, you can use them to move the cue point forwards or backwards.
SHIFT+ +/- buttons will do a larger pitch bend.

Match will match the bpm of the song with the bpm of the song in the other deck.
Hold down the button for 1 second to reset the pitch to 0%.
SHIFT+Match will switch between BPM and Pitch display. Because there are only 2 digits available, the first ’1′ for BPM’s greater than 100 is not shown.

Waitlist + Match will change pitch range
Waitlist + FX will enable scratch mode with the jog wheel.

Loop sets the start of a loop. The led will flash until loop is pressed again.
Loop will then set the end of a loop. It is automatically aligned to a number of beats.
Shift + Loop Out sets the end of a loop, but not beat-aligned.
Loop will exit a loop when it was started.

FWD and BACK buttons will load select a cue point.


While a song is not playing:
GROUP + outer jog wheel will scroll through the folder list.
Outer Jog Wheel will scroll through the list of files.
Load will load the currently selected song to the deck.
GROUP + Load will open the selected folder or playlist
Shift + Waitlist will open the waitlist, or switch back to the previous folder.
Waitlist + Load will add the selected song to the waitlist.

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