Broadcasting With DJ Software | Submitting Your Radio Show To Directories

The DEX 3.4 DJ software update (currently in pre-release at time of posting this) introduces support for streaming with Icecast.

Icecast support allows you to broadcast your own internet radio station utilizing various platforms or your own server directly from DEX 3.  There is a new “Broadcast” tab in options where you plug-in the required server credentials so you can go “live“.

There are quite a few plug-and-play websites for broadcasting with DJ mixing software, such as the very easy to setup and use Mixify.com. You create your free account, it provides your custom credentials for your stream, you plug them in and start mixing (they have free tier and paid tier options). You can then share your stream socially or email a link to friends.

Once your confident with your internet radio broadcasting skills you may want to submit your radio station to larger directories to expand your listener base, such as the one at Icecast HERE

DJs with established an established listener base can then submit their stream to much larger audiences such as TuneIn Radio.  Here’s a list of popular directories to choose from, and how to submit your show:

Submitting Your Internet Radio Mix Show To Directories


1) TuneIn Radio: Broadcast your own content to TuneIn’s global audience of over 50 million monthly active users. Build a passionate following and engage directly with your listeners through a branded profile.”   Learn More And Submit Here


2) Windows Media Guide: A popular and large internet radio directory, but there are quite a few required steps to submit your broadcast listing.  Here’s an excellent guide to submitting your radio show to The Windows Media Guide.


3) Streaming The Net: This multi-national radio and TV directory is easy to find the station content you’re looking for, even though it’s not the easiest on the eyes.  You can sign up for free and add your radio stream HERE


4) Streema: “Streema is a free online radio tuner to discover, share, and listen to radio stations with your friends.”  Submit your radio stream to Streema HERE


5) DeliCast: A highly recommended directory with simple submission to get in front of a many listeners all over the globe.  Submit your stream HERE


6) Internet Radio: With over 45,000 radio stations, this is a simple site to submit to with tons of listeners.  Sign up with Internet Radio and submit your radio stream HERE


Know of any other internet radio directories we may have missed?  Please feel free to leave them in the comments section below!