Searching Pulselocker’s Massive Library Just Got Easier

Pulselocker search has been improved

A couple weeks ago Pulselocker promised an improved ‘Search‘ feature to yield more specific results when searching their massive 44-million-song music subscription library:

“Search is also a critical feature and PL engineers are working tirelessly to be able to release much improved version by the second week of February”. –  Pulselocker CPO Alvaro Velilla

While the depth and breadth of search feature enhancements haven’t all been applied search is noticeably improved on both the Pulselocker Website and in our DJ Software (RED Mobile 3 and DEX 3).  For example:

The previous recommendation when searching the Pulselocker library was to search only by “artist” or by “title” — archaic by today’s industry standards, but functional. With the latest search engine improvements you can now apply basic search strings. Say for example you’re searching for “Adele – Hello”, you can type in Adele (space) Hello and click enter to run the search query — “Adele – Hello” will be the top result. You will still receive different track variations and remixes, but only after the original track.

Much of the time when updates are performed to Pulselocker features they changes take place in our DJ software programs immediately and dynamically, therefore the improvements to search can be tried in both DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 right now.

This is a great step to ensuring Pulselocker is every DJs best music subscription option for professional use. After all, when your dealing with over 44 million tracks in all genres, from major and independent labels, search is a DJs best friend.

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