Pulselocker Website Now Includes “Advanced Search” Feature

Advanced Search at Pulselocker.com

Pulselocker is worlds first streaming subscription service designed just for DJs. It’s baked into both DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 DJ programs, providing DJs with in-app access to over 44 million songs. Consider it the “Spotify for DJs”.

The affordable subscription service offers a unique ability that allows DJs to search and create playlists locally (directly in our DJ Software), and/or search and manage playlists for both online and offline use from www.pulselocker.com

Thus, you could be at a day job or the like browsing and searching the Pulselocker website creating playlists. Once you log into DEX 3 or RED Mobile 3, your created playlists are downloaded and “synced” locally.  It’s is truly a great feature, and the Pulselocker website’s modern design makes it easy to navigate.

Until recently however, search left much to be desired – you were relegated to either searching by just “artist” or “title”.  

“Advanced Search” was recently added to Pulselocker.com, enabling DJs with the ability to search by artist and title, as well as label (which was a much requested addition by our user community). I find Advanced Search much more capable for pin-point searches, resulting in more specific results.  You can try it now at www.pulselocker.com with an active subscription (or, sign up for a free trial through PCDJ).

Video Short of Pulselocker.com”Advanced Search”