The Pulselocker Experience Has Been Upgraded

Pulselocker Upgrades January 2016

I had the opportunity to sit down with Pulselocker’s Chief Product Officer, Alvaro Velilla at the NAMM show this past weekend and discuss what’s happening with Pulselocker right now.

Alvaro graciously walked us through their recent site improvements and showcased various performance improvements. It’s evident the service has received lots of polish in recent weeks. The service and website are performing tasks faster and the new animations and other graphics improvements look great.

Pulselocker has also updated the integration SDK (used so ‘their software talks to our software’) to speed up offline file syncing — the PCDJ development team is working to include the updated SDK in the next round of upgrades for our DJ software products.

“Pulselocker´s team is working hard to improve not only the aesthetics and usability of the website but also performance and stability” says Pulselocker CPO Alvaro Velilla. “During the last two weeks, we introduced a number of exciting new animations on the website to improve the user experience. Additionally, a substantial amount of the new major label catalog is already available on Pulselocker.com including the majority of the music currently charting on the Billboard charts. Search is also a critical feature and PL engineers are working tirelessly to be able to release much improved version by the second week of February”.

Pulselocker in RED Mobile 3 Browser

Pulselocker is clearly focused on ensuring the user experience is as modern, efficient and stable as possible. Navigating around the site and using the music discovery tool is light-years better than it was even a month ago.

If you haven’t already taken Pulselocker for a test spin, here’s how you can get started with a 14 day fully-functional trial of Pulselocker and one of our DJ software applications.