Pulselocker Updates And Improvements In The Works

Pulselocker streaming service upgrades

Keeping a pulse on Pulselocker.

A few weeks ago PCDJ proudly became the first DJ mixing software provider to integrate with Pulselocker’s game-changing online/offline subscription service. The DJ software + music subscription have already begun transforming how DJs access and discover music. With 44+ million songs from thousands of independent and major labels, with all genres included — DJs, especially those that take requests, should rarely if ever need to purchase music to supplement their audio inventory.

Pulselocker is however still considered ‘public beta‘, and their crack team of coders are hammering keys to provide the platform with various sought-after updates and improvements. We wanted to share some of what’s in the works now with DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 users that are considering subscribing ($9.95 for online only streaming, and $19.95 for unlimited track downloads for offline use).

What Pulselocker Is Working On Now

  • Improving search and search results, with search-string style (think ‘Google’) searching. The Pulselocker website has already had a few patches to improve specific search results. The Pulselocker team is going to focus more on improving the search engine after the first of the year.
  • The Universal Music Group catalog will start to show up on Pulselocker by the end of January. The Universal Music catalog consists of around 7 million songs, with many top performers and artists included. This will increase inventory and all the major labels will be ingested into the system. Note: It will take some time to ingest all the Universal inventory.
  • By the beginning of February, Pulselocker is opening the subscription service up to Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. Great news for PCDJ users in those Countries!
  • Loads of cosmetic improvements to the site. Pulselocker’s website is already clean and easy to navigate, so we’re anxious to see what their team has in store for the website.


Keep checking back for further updates so you can keep a pulse on Pulselocker.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below!