Pulselocker Has Revamped The Way You Discover Music On Their Website

Music Discovery At Pulselocker

Last week we posted an article about a recent update to the Beat Selector music discovery tool at Pulselocker.com. We can now toss that post out the window as Pulselocker has revamped how you discover new music on the website.

No longer do you mash the ‘Beat Selector’ button for new releases based on the genre’s you follow and select. Instead, on the Explore page you are automatically presented with new releases to browse and listen to based on the genre’s you follow.

Pulselocker in PCDJ Library

While the interactive button was possibly a bit more fun the new Explore page allows you to browse new releases much more efficiently. I think it’s a welcomed change with ease of use and functionality taking priority over pure aesthetics.

For DJs, music discovery is a constant, required to keep your mix sets fresh and unique. It can also be a time consuming and tedious process with massive quantities of new tunes out there. The revamped Explore page on the Pulselocker website can ease some of that pressure and help keep your sets crispy.


Pulselocker is the first music streaming service built just for DJs. Integrated directly into DEX 3, DEX 3 RE and DEX 3 LE (Free DJ Software), Pulselocker gives you access to an up-to-date catalog of 44 + million tracks in all genres from major and independent labels from within the software’s browser. Use the website’s discovery tools to find new music, then take your tracks offline and play sets without an internet connection.


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