Keeping A Pulse On Pulselocker | Quickly Find The Single You’re Looking For With New “List View”

Pulselocker List View Now Available

We noted a couple weeks ago that Pulselocker, worlds best music subscription service designed for professional use within DJ software like DEX 3, was working on a ‘list view’ for easier browsing of singles on their website.

The website update officially went live two days ago and is being well received by the Pulselocker user community, many citing it’s easier to locate that ‘single track’ they’re looking for when browsing titles using list view.

Here’s how Pulselocker CPO Alvaro G. Velilla explained the new method for browsing:

“Alternative view is a new “compact” way of looking at singles on genre, artists and label pages.” Alvaro Said “Instead of the traditional front (album) cover way, now Pulselocker members can play the tracks of a release directly from the same page using a convenient drop down menu.”

It’s great to see the team at Pulselocker kicking out regular updates to both the website and software development kit we use for DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE integration. With the forthcoming Pulselocker iOS app ready to drop soon (beta testing is well underway already) the Pulselocker platform is truly becoming the complete music service solution for the modern Digital DJ.

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About Pulselocker

Pulselocker is online and offline music subscription service designed for DJs and commercial use. Integrated directly in DJ Software  such as DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE, DJs can search and play songs from a massive catalog of nearly 45 million songs in all genres, from major and independent labels.

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