Pulselocker iOS App Is Now Available In The App Store

Download The Pulselocker iOS app

The new Pulselocker iOS app is ready for download in the iTunes App Store.

Now whenever and wherever inspiration strikes DJs can reach in their pocket to create, edit and listen to Pulselocker playlists.

The long-awaited Pulselocker iOS app launched in the iTunes App Store over the weekend. Subscribers to the popular online/offline streaming service for DJs can now discover new music, create, listen and edit playlists on-the-go by using the app on their iPhone. Best of all everything a DJ does using the Pulselocker app, such as create or edit playlists, is automatically synced with DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE DJ software once you log in.

The ability to discover new music and create playlists anywhere with the Pulseloker iOS app has great implementations for both club and mobile DJs.

Club DJs are forever configuring and optimizing their mix set as well as discovering new music; being able to tweak and listen to their playlists while doing their morning workout or daily commute means they can stay on top of their game.

Mobile DJs often meet with clients before an event, especially the wedding couple prior to their big day. Now a Wedding DJ can sit down with the bride and groom to create a list of ‘must-play’ songs and dump them into a Pulselocker app playlist that will be ready for them to select from when they fire up their DJ software on the day of the event.

Pulselocker iOS app beta Testing

If you’re already subscribed to Pulselocker ($9.99 for online streaming only / $19.99 for unlimited offline playback, too) you can head over to the app store now, download the Pulselocker iOS app and log in using your same user name/password credentials that you use for DEX 3 and the Pulselocker Website and have a go with things.

Pulselocker has quickly risen to the top as the go-to music subscription service for professional DJs. The iOS app (and forthcoming Android edition) further solidifies it’s capabilities, putting playlist power in the hands of it’s subscribers, whenever and wherever.


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