Pulselocker iOS App for DJs | Overview Video

Pulselocker, the now industry-standard in-app music subscription service for DJs, is constantly making big strides in improving their technology and customer experience — and the iOS app deftly (android is coming!) bridges the gap between your DEX 3 DJ Software and Pulselocker’s massive 44 million song catalog.

Pulselocker iOS App Preview

Fire up the Pulselocker iOS app (free for subscribers) and you have instant access to your playlists and the music genre’s you follow. Any playlist you create on the iOS app will automatically sync with DEX 3 (all versions). Launch DEX 3 and it will sync and display all the playlists you created or edited using the app.

The potential applications for mobile playlist creation using the Pulselocker app are plentiful. For example, if you’re a mobile/wedding DJ and you meet with the bride prior to the event you can add her requested songs to a playlist right there. Launch DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE and boom, there’s the playlist and the tunes she selected.  If you’re a club jock and you’re building a set-list you never know when inspiration may hit you upside the head. Just reach in your pocket for your iPhone and have at it.

The writing has been on the wall for the last 5-6 years; cloud-based music subscriptions services are now the most popular method for consumers to ingest music. It only makes sense that a professional (and commercially legal) service designed specifically for DJs and venues found its way into pro DJ software like DEX 3. I mean, what DJ doesn’t want pretty much every song known to mankind from the jump at their fingertips?

The iOS app (and soon-to-be android app) was really the only missing piece for many DJs looking to say goodbye to traditional DJ record pools and hello to streaming. The Pulselocker iOS app is here, it’s nifty, and the future is now.


Have questions about the Pulselocker iOS app or the music subscription service for DJs?  Or questions regarding how it works in our DEX 3 DJ software?  Please leave them in the comments section below!