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Pulselocker Feature Spotlight | Beat Selector

Pulselocker Beat Selector Music Discovery Tool

Pulselocker’s ‘Beat Selector’ website tool allows you listen to and discover new releases from the music genres you follow.

Pulselocker is a new online/offline music streaming subscription service built exclusively for DJs and professional live-performance use. DJs can start a zero-commitment 14-day free trial from within all three of our DJ programs (DEX 3, DEX 3 RE and DEX 3 LE) and instantly gain in-app access to 44+ million songs, in all genres from major and independent record labels.

Pulselocker In Browser

Today we’re featuring an extremely useful music discovery tool baked into Pulselocker.com – the ‘Beat Selector‘.

When DJs initially create a Pulselocker account and access Pulselocker.com they are asked to follow their favorite genres of music. DJs can do this immediately, or skip the process until later. We suggest following the genre’s most important to you and how you DJ.

Once you’ve chosen genres to follow, Pulselocker will automatically provide music content for the ‘Beat Selector’ tool. Simply click the ‘Beat Selector’ button with your mouse and Pulselocker will play a freshly added track release for your review.  You can select to add the track to a playlist or save for offline use (with the pro-tier subscription option) – or move on to the next suggested track for listen.

DJs need to stay on top of their music game, and music discovery is a huge part of finding new and unique tracks to create your own sound and mix sets. Pulselocker’s ‘Beat Selector’ is a great tool for doing just that.

Watch Pulselocker ‘Beat Selector’ Showcase Video