Pulselocker Adds New Website Feature

Follow Feature on Pulselocker
Pulselocker adds the ability to create shortcuts to your favorite artists and labels on Pulselocker.com using ‘Follow’ button.

Pulselocker is the worlds first music streaming subscription service designed just for DJs – it’s baked into all three of our DJ software products and provides in-app access to over 44 million songs, in all genres. Unlike other popular music services, with Pulselocker’s pro tier subscription ($19.99-a-month) you can download unlimited songs to your local hard drive, allowing for offline use of the Pulselocker content.

We’ve included support for Pulselocker in our DJ mixing software products since October last year and it has quickly become the go-to music subscription of choice for many of DJs, especially for mobile jocks that need to fill requests on-the-fly. The vastness of audio inventory is mind-numbing. If your catering to a 50+ crowd or a gaggle of 8 year old’s you can rest assured you’ll have the required songs for the right mix.

The Pulselocker service is still considered ‘beta’ – and their team of crack developers are constantly building out useful features for both the software SDK (software development kit we use to support the service in our DJ software) and for the website itself. Many DJs find it easier to use the Pulselocker site to search music, discover new music and build playlists – which are synced automatically in PCDJ.

The latest feature added to Pulselocker.com is the ability to create shortcuts to your favorite artists and labels using the ‘Follow‘ button. This is great for DJs that have music label preferences, which should be a hit with club DJs.

How the New ‘Follow’ Button Feature Works At Pulselocker.com

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