Numark Mixtrack Platinum Map for DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE DJ Software

DJ Controllers | Numark Mixtrack Platinum is now DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE Supported

Download the map for the Numark Mixtrack Platinum for DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE plug-and-play support below! The Numark Mixtrack Platinum is the latest budget-friendly DJ controller in the Mixtrack Numark family series, and the most highly anticipated.…
Karaoke Subscription Sub-cases in Karaoki

New In Karaoki Version 0.8.6368 | Karaoke Cloud Pro 'Sub-Cases'

Version 0.8.6368 of our top karaoke software became available for download a few days ago. Among what's new-and-improved, "sub-cases" have been added under the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription case tab. Users of PCDJ Karaoki that subscribe…
Download 50 karaoke songs from Karaoke Cloud Pro 6-23-17

Karaoke Subscription | Karaoke Cloud Pro keeps these promises

More new music every week. Karaoke Cloud Pro has made a commitment to you. Killer karaoke tunes, updated every week. And that's what we do. Every week. Fifty new tracks is how we're rolling now. Every week. But it might not…
Download Karaoke Video Codec Pack

Download The PCDJ Karaoke Video Codec Pack | Play MP4 And Other Video Files In Karaoki

If you're using our Karaoki karaoke software and have had trouble playing karaoke video files such as MP4 or AVI, download and install our new PCDJ karaoke video codec pack below. Karaoki, like many karaoke programs today, requires video…
Karaoke File name fixer free with Karaoki promo

Special Offer Expires 6/30/17 | Get Karaoke File Name Fixer FREE with Karaoki Purchase!

Are you a KJ going digital?  We've got the perfect starter bundle for the modern karaoke host! When you purchase Karaoki for $99, our best karaoke software for professional KJs and karaoke venues, before June 30th we'll give you a copy…
Professional Karaoke Subscription Service Update 6-16-17

Karaoke Subscription Service | We've Blown It All "Sky High" At Karaoke Cloud Pro

So come touch the sky...  Karaoke Cloud Pro is way up here. Everything else, isn't. But we'd love for you to join us. As you can see, there's plenty of room here at the top. Fifty new tracks per week, every week. Smooth delivery.…
Karaoki Beta Version 0.8.6368

Karaoke Software Update | Download New Karaoki Public Beta Version 0.8.6368

A new public beta version of our top karaoke software is ready for download (below)! Version 0.8.6368 is all about tweaking the previous Karaoki beta version 0.8.6321 to perfection. Our engineering team has put a little extra elbow…
Numark Party Mix Map for PCDJ

DJ Controllers | Party On! Download The Numark Party Mix Map For DEX 3 And DEX 3 RE

Download the Numark Party Mix map for DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE DJ mixing software applications below for plug-and-play support! Our mapping guru's have just wrapped up DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE support for the Numark Party Mix (listed at only $99 a most…
Karaoke Cloud Pro new Karaoke songs 6-9-17

Karaoke Cloud Pro 'Fifty-Song-Friday's' | "Sooner Or Later", We Will Face The Future.

Be ready for it when it comes. Karaoke Cloud Pro isn't just the coolest way to snag a whole catalog. It's also the smartest, and the least expensive. It combines the on-demand convenience and low-cost-per-track of streaming with the…
Pulselocker iOS App overview

Pulselocker iOS App for DJs | Overview Video

Pulselocker, the now industry-standard in-app music subscription service for DJs, is constantly making big strides in improving their technology and customer experience -- and the iOS app deftly (android is coming!) bridges the gap between…
Most Popular Music Video Downloads June 2017


If you're already a video mixing DJ or plan to start adding video mixing to your repertoire then without question -- you need to stay on top of your music video game. The Video Pool, a professional music video subscription service for DJs…
Karaoke Cloud Pro releases 6-2-17

Fifty-Song-Friday's | "Set The Night To Music" With Karaoke Cloud Pro - It's What You Do! 6-2-17

And you're using every tool at your disposal. Be sure your karaoke toolbox includes Karaoke Cloud Pro's 50 weekly new releases. That way you're always prepared. Karaoke Cloud Pro's got thousands of hits - blasts from the past and the…