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Karaoki (version 0.8.6064 or newer required) users know that hosting a great night of karaoke also involves creating the best experience possible for your patrons, while enhancing the service you provide as a DJ or KJ. With karaoQ, DJs and KJs can instantly upgrade and enhance any night of karaoke with the karaoQ platform.

KaraoQ Mobile App

karaoQ is the free app on the App Store and Google Play, allowing patrons to quickly sign-up, check-in, browse a digital songbook, and hit the queue all within minutes, while also extending features to patrons such as the ability to see all performers upcoming in the queue, and the ability to even rate and tip the DJ for a great night of entertainment, all while socially connecting with their peers.

The experience doesn’t stop there, however. karaoQ has also developed synQ technology in order to synchronize it’s innovative, award-nominated platform with the powerful karaoke software you’ve come to know and love with PCDJ Karaoki.

The karaoQ platform is more than just a mobile app for performers and patrons to request songs. With in-app features for patrons such as following other performers, the DJ or KJ, and the venue itself, it creates captive marketing capabilities to allow you to instantly re-engage your patrons in-venue or at-home all from the the powerful web platform of karaoQ.com. With promotion capabilities now a part of karaoQ PRO, you can engage patrons based on “Target Audiences” such as loyal patrons, long-dwelling patrons, or even patrons that are highly rated within the app by others for their stellar on-stage performance.


Also new with karaoQ Pro is Songbook Manager PRO, a powerful tool allowing almost-instant songbook upload, quality-checking, parsing, and display within the karaoQ mobile app. Also new is the ability to edit song title and artist name in real-time, hide a song from showing in the songbook search results, and even adding a song in real-time to the songbook for all to see.

Countless other updates have been introduced to the karaoQ web platform, including detailed Revenue details of money the DJ or KJ has earned via the in-app “Tip the DJ” or “BUMP up the performer” features of karaoQ. Also on the web platform are the ability for the DJ or KJ to customize the show settings for each venue where they host karaoke, as well as self-service of their venues, allowing for a faster setup process.

Also included are enhanced versions of our patron-engaging Live TV Queue which displays the karaoQ rotation in real-time for all patrons at the venue to see – promoting app downloads up to 7x more. And for the patrons with an older mobile phone or dead battery, they can rely on the enhanced version of the patron self-service kiosk allowing patrons to quickly browse and signup for a song and even view their performance history, all from a tablet, or patron-facing device such as a laptop or touchscreen.

karaoQ PRO is not yet offered to the public and is available right here on PCDJ.com exclusively for Karaoki users – save $10 instantly at checkout with the promo code below.

Simply enter promo code: PCDJKQ16



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Have questions about karaoQ and the online song book system? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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