MixLive.tv Platform Lets DJs Broadcast Live Sets In HD Video

Live audio streaming websites for DJs are no new thing, but MixLive.tv is the first that allows for live video streams of your DJ sets with an all-inclusive system and video encoder.

From MixLive.tv’s Website:

Bringing artists and music-lovers closer together than ever before, Mixlive.tv is the first site of its kind—a digital streaming platform, specifically designed for DJs, VJs, producers, club promoters, venue owners and listeners. This is a site built with music-makers and music-lovers in mind, and it has a simple mission: To provide artists with an easy way to get their music to the masses and to connect with new fans, and to provide fans with a whole new world of music to explore.

Basically, listener’s/watcher’s can view your DJ set via video feed from the website.  The platform will also record your live mix set in real-time (and HD) so you can upload to YouTube if you wish post-performance.

I think MixLive.tv may be a particularly fantastic tool for new DJs that want to test out their skills on a live audience — while you may technically still physically be in your bedroom mixing, you have some of added pressure that coincides with performing in front of an attentive audience.

It’s also a potentially (providing you perform well, of course) powerful marketing tool; you can invite clients to a live scheduled set, or send them a previously recorded session.   Nothing will market your abilities better than live performance — and clearly there’s no doubt you mixed the set live rather than sequenced tracks with software like Ableton.

I think if you’re new to DJing in front of a crowd and/or new to our DJ software programs you may want to give MixLive.tv a go.   It’s normally $19 a month but the introductory “risk-free” 30 days trial is set at $9-a-month right now.   A bargain for what could be a powerful marketing tool for you and your DJ brand.