Watch Michael Amburgey Drop Some Knowledge At ‘The Edge’ In Knoxville About KaraoQ

KaraoQ mobile request system explained
KaraoQ request system iOS

KaraoQ mobile singer/song request support will soon be made available to all Karaoki karaoke software users – but what is KaraoQ, exactly?

The official KaraoQ launch party kicked off two nights ago at the Captain and karaoQ Party at The Edge. Live from Edge Knox, the event featured Captain Morgan and KaraoQ running with KaraoQ360 (an upcoming subscription services that includes a version of Karaoki, Karaoke Cloud Pro and KaraoQ) for a night of great drinks, great singers, and lots of fun. It went off without a hitch, so there’s hope KJs will soon be able to get a hold of this modern, disruptive karaoke show hosting technology.

KaraoQ CEO Michael Amburgey took the mic at the event to sum up exactly what KaraoQ is – minus hyperbole. Michael’s overview is short, to the point and you can watch it below. We’ve had many inquiries about KaraoQ and KaraoQ360 support since first announcing the upcoming partnership late last year and hope this answers some questions.

We expect an official launch announcement in the coming weeks – and may call on public beta testers as early as next week. Stay tuned, as professional karaoke hosts and karaoke venues will surely want to take notice of the many interactive and social benefits of KaraoQ and KaraoQ360.  You can create a better, more memorable experience for your singers!

Watch Michael Amburgey Drop Some Knowledge At ‘The Edge’ In Knoxville About karaoQ


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6 replies
    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Greg, this is for Karaoki, which is our stand-along karaoke show hosting software. Karaoki has a “remote connections” terminal already built in, making these types of mobile request applications possible. We may very well get to something like this for DEX 3 later on, but right now we have other important development cycles to complete.

  1. Bryan Gilchrist
    Bryan Gilchrist says:

    Is this still something that is being worked on? There hasn’t been an update on the KaraoQ site in some time.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi Bryan, yes, it’s absolutely still being worked on. We’re expecting an new Karaoki/KaraoQ360 build this week for further in-the-field testing. Just making sure all parts play as nicely with each other as possible. It’s been a long wait already and we want to make sure all works as perfectly as possible before we go live!

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