Listen To Your Pulselocker Playlists On-The-Go With Splyce

Use your Pulselocker subscription in Splyce so you can listen to your playlists on-the-go

Last week we posted an article explaining how you can use the Splyce app with your existing Pulselocker subscription to create playlists while out and about. A great feature, as you never know when inspiration will strike.

A customer wrote in after we posted the previous Splyce article suggested that while he’s out at a club or other venue where music is playing he’ll often hear a track he’d like to incorporate into a set. He’ll launch Shazam to quickly identify the song.

Previously to using Splyce with Pulselocker he would save it in Shazam and when he got back behind his DJ machine he’d try to find it online to purchase it. Now he simply fires up Splyce, searches Pulselocker to locate the track and adds it into playlist. Once he gets back to his machine and launches DEX 3 the playlist is automatically synced and he’s got the track ready to include in his next performance. Pretty ingenious.

As any DJ knows, while building a mix set tweaking to perfection is a constant. Getting it just right often leads to additional stress and the inherent desire to complete the set list can lead to bad selections.

As outlined in the video above showcasing Splyce + Pulselocker you can listen to your created playlist/s in the app. Put on your headphones or pop in your ear buds while relaxing and preview your playlist while on the go and you may find it easier to spot issues with the set you can correct on the fly.

If you have questions about the Pulselocker online/offline streaming subscription and/or using it in our DJ software please leave them in the comments section below!