Keeping A Pulse On Pulselocker | New Alternative “List View” Added To Pulselocker Website

Pulselocker launches LIST VIEW on Website

The crack team of developers at Pulselocker, world’s first and only legal music subscription service built for DJs, will roll out an update to their websites next week that includes “List View” — providing DJs a more efficient way to discover and listen to music. 

Yesterday we caught up with Pulselocker Chief Product Officer, Alvaro G. Velilla, regarding the new website update. Alvaro shared with us the following, as well as the image included in this post.

“Alternative view is a new “compact” way of looking at singles on genre, artists and label pages.” Alvaro Said “Instead of the traditional front (album) cover way, now Pulselocker members can play the tracks of a release directly from the same page using a convenient drop down menu.”

This is a website update I had personally been hoping for along with DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE users of the music subscription service I’ve spoken with. The Alternative View is much like ‘list view’ in in our DJ mixing software and allows you to view more tracks simultaneously.  It’s a function over form addition that will help DJs explore, browse and discover new music more swiftly.

Pulselocker will also be kicking off public testing of their long-awaited iOS app sometime in the next week or two. The PCDJ team recently got a sneak peak at the app and are happy to report that listening to and creating playlists on the fly, which sync with DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE automatically, work just as DJs would expect. The playback quality when using the Pulselocker iOS application is on-par if not better than non-commercial music subscription services such as Spotify.

If you’d like to attempt to join the Pulselocker iOS beta test team you can find sign up information on this page — but note that spots are limited!

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What is Pulselocker?


An online and offline (save files for offline use) music subscription service designed for DJs for use in DJ Software. Built right into DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE, DJs can search, load and play songs from a massive catalog of nearly 45 million songs. DJs get all genres and decades of music, from major and independent labels.


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