Thanks for taking one of our karaoke software solutions for a test drive!

PCDJ Karaoki features a 14 day fully functional free trial which allows you test out all features. After 14 days you are prompted to enter in a purchased activation code.

PCDJ Songbook maker free trial is not time limited however printing and export features are disabled until you purchase and enter an activation code.

PCDJ Karaoki Professional Karaoke Software

PCDJ Karaoki

PCDJ KARAOKI is our karaoke show hosting software designed for karaoke hosts that demand a robust, all-encompassing modern feature set. Karaoki includes an automatic singer rotation list with singer/song history, key stepper, news ticker, the ability to create or export a song book, a (filler) background music player, and many other useful features the modern KJs requires to perform.

PCDJ Songbook Maker Library Catalog Software

PCDJ Songbook Maker Screen

PCDJ Song Book Maker is a feature rich application designed to automate the creation of song books and to help you manage your music files. PCDJ Song Book Maker is designed primarily to create song books for karaoke but is in no way limited to this. Anyone who needs a complete book of music for any purpose can benefit from this software from KJs to DJs to anyone who wishes to keep their music organized