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The birds are chirping, the flowers blooming and another Karaoki Beta is available for download!  

Springing into full swing, our karaoke software development team has been busier than bees working on various updates to Karaoki. This latest 0.8.5947 beta release fine-tunes some of the new additions we’ve added to Karaoki over the last few months, with a major focus on the remote connections protocols.

With the breakthrough KaraoQ and KaraoQ360 remote request systems set to launch publicly soon our team has been dialing in support; beefing up the remote connection technology for more robust and stable interaction. Unlike the currently supported SongbookDB and KaraoQuest remote systems, KaraoQ promotes social interaction by allowing singers to see their place in rotation, rate other singers and even pay for bumps (more on “bumps” later!).  The KaraoQ platform is also a point-of-sale system for the karaoke venue with marketing capabilities. Karaoki and KaraoQ are set to disrupt the status-quo — stay tuned!

Select-A-Track is a UK based store that we’ve had baked into Karaoki for some time. SAT is our UK distributor, servicing all of EU for PCDJ karaoke software products.  Due to recent licensing restrictions put into place, karaoke stores from outside of the USA can no longer sell into the US, at least for the time being.  Therefore we are geo-blocking access to the SAT content for users within the USA in this latest beta (in previous beta versions purchasing was disabled, but you could still view the available karaoke music for sale).  Karaoki will no longer display SAT karaoke music when searching. 

We will continue to explore new in-app store options for Karaoki Kjs.

Here’s what new, changed and updated in Karaoki Beta 0.8.5947

Build #0.8.5947.19455 April 14th 2016

Bug Fixes/ Potential Fixes:

• Rolled back Audio/Video engine to stable, road-tested version
• Fixed Graphics error on Remote connections screen when using DPI other than 96.
• De-Register Machine from Karaoki Cloud/KaraoQ360 subscription fixed
• Search database copied to ‘documents\PCDJ Karaoki’ folder
• S-A-T catalogue deleted from HD and Search db in non- enabled geo locations.

If you run into any problems, have suggestions or just want to share your thoughts with our development team – please join in the conversation HERE ON THE KARAOKI BETA TEST USER FORUM.


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  1. Duncan newton
    Duncan newton says:

    Is the bug fixed where if you delete a song from the rotation, it changes the order of the singers please?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Duncan, if I’m not mistaken, that issue occurred when using the “list mode” for rotation list, only? I know we haven’t had any reports of it happening using the default rotation mode (fixed). We will actually be removing the “list mode” option completely in the next official update (likely the next public beta, first). It’s a dated part of the application that we find is rarely ever used now, so we plan to break off “list mode” and “solo artist mode” into a new product – designed more for specific uses like for solo artists or home use (since list mode doesn’t manage the rotation for you like “fixed mode”).

  2. Duncan newton
    Duncan newton says:

    Thanks for such a swift reply. I’ve just fired up my machine and yes, it was set to list mode. I’ve selected fixed now so hopefully my problem will now be gone!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      You’re welcome! Keep in mind “FIXED MODE” is quite a bit different from list.

      Singers names will only appear in the rotation list one time now (instead of them being listed in the rotation list for each song they plan to sing) – with a “quantity” next to their name indicating how many tracks they have in their personal queue. Double-click the singers name in rotation to re-order songs in their queue – AND to pull them out of rotation. When you double-click their name it will bring up their personal singer data screen complete with their singer history. At the bottom of this window you have a button labeled “IN ROTATION” — click that button to pull someone out of rotation. This is one thing people new to “fixed mode” sometimes struggle with, so hopefully that helps you move forward with “fixed mode” faster!

  3. Duncan newton
    Duncan newton says:

    One other thing if I may. I like my singers names in capital letters. I can’t seem to stop it from dropping all but the first capital now. (ie. I want DUNCAN not Duncan). How can I get this please?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      This is due to the new default setting for “auto-capitalization”. Right click in the rotation list and go to rotation options – DISABLE Auto Capitalization by clicking on the button. Now you can have caps lock on and type in all caps and it will stick.

  4. David Hebert
    David Hebert says:

    One thing I have noticed, and I may be on the previous build, is an issue with adding singers to the rotation. If I clear the list without starting a new show I can add the shows singers into the rotation just fine. The problem is if I add a singer that does not have a history and then add a previous singer, the new singer appears twice. If I then delete that singer, but save history, I can add the singer from the historical singer list without any issue.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks David, we have seen a couple people report the duplicate singer issue – and maybe this will help us pinpoint the issue so we can create the solution! Much appreciated!

      • David Hebert
        David Hebert says:

        Thanks for the update Ryan. I hope I gave you enough details to reproduce.
        To confirm, I am on version 0.8.5921. I am also having the issue with BGM continuing to play that appeared within the past few releases. All settings look good and I don’t always notice it, but that could be just the level it is run at.
        I must say I love the relocated search box with the larger singer list.

        If I may, I have a request for the future which would be to be able to drop a song on the BGM list as needed and not affect the rest of the playback. More details as needed.

        • Ryan Sherr
          Ryan Sherr says:

          David, can you please try the new 0.8.5947 build to see if the issue persists? Furthermore, the BGM player shouldn’t kick on at incorrect times with 5947. We also plan to beef up some of the BGM capabilities, including video playback. Thanks again!

  5. Vcitor
    Vcitor says:

    I have a problem, the filler music comes on playing a song while a singer is on the course of singing. How can I fix this.

    Thank you!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Vcitor (Victor?), is that happening with version 0.8.5947? I am aware that in the previous Karaoki beta release this was a reported issue, but we’ve rolled back to the previous iteration of the audio engine in the new build which as far as I’ve heard so far, has fixed the issue with the BGM player coming on at incorrect times. Please let us know if you are indeed running 0.8.5947 – thanks!

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