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Insightful Interview With Pulselocker CPO Alvaro G. Velilla

Pulselocker Interview With Alvaro CPO

This is likely needless to say, but loads of time and effort goes into launching a industry-disruptive professional music subscription service like Pulselocker.

Alvaro From Pulselocker

Pulselocker CPO Alvaro Velilla recently sat down with ‘When We Dip’ to discuss the service, it’s history and some of the inner-workings of what goes on behind the scenes to get a first-of-it’s-kind music subscription service off the ground.

It’s an interesting read, Alvaro provides first-hand insight into the monumental task of building a service like Pulselocker technically – as well as turning DJs into fans after years of using ‘record pools’ as their source of new music.

Pulselocker subscription support has been included in our DEX 3 DJ software solutions (also available in our free DJ software) since October of last year. PCDJ was the first to launch with the service embedded in our software publicly. For the last decade we’ve collectively felt streaming technology (with offline track use) was the future for DJs, but none of the previously available options had the right mix of features and weren’t commercially viable options (they were for home/personal use only). When Pulselocker announced availability for third-party integration we pounced.  If you’re a Mobile DJ, especially, to have 44+ million songs at your fingertips means ever request is filled – just punch in your search request and BOOM.

Have questions about the Pulselocker music subscription service and how it works with our DJ software? Please leave them in the comments below!