Pulselocker Announcement | Import Playlists From Spotify And Other Music Streaming Services Into Pulselocker With Soundiiz

Transfer Playlists From Music Services Into Pulselocker
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Beginning this week Pulselocker subscribers can import playlists from other popular music streaming platforms into Pulselocker using Soundiiz.

DJs that have created playlists using consumer (home use only) music streaming services Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, YouTube, Tidal, SoundCloud, Napster and Last.fm can swiftly import them into Pulselocker using Soundiiz.com, a popular ‘all-in-one account manager for Music Lovers‘.

Soundiiz And Supported Services

This is truly fantastic news for many DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE DJs that have painstakingly created playlists using one of the supported streaming platforms. It’s just one less barrier to making Pulselocker the preferred music subscription service for in-DJ Software use. While Pulselocker continues to grow and expand their own music discovery features and additional playlist creation capabilities (including playlist sharing), DJs can leverage the mature functionality of one of the aforementioned music subscription services to create playlists that they can easily transfer over to the commercially-legal Pulselocker platform.

Soundiiz.com makes converting and importing playlists a breeze. Log-in and link your various music subscription service accounts, select the platform you wish to transfer playlists from and then select Pulselocker to import them into then click a button. Import complete…

DJs will need a Soundiiz Premium Plan for platform-to-platform playlist conversions but the cost is more than affordable; $4.50-a-month on a month-to-month pay plan or only $3-a-month for the entire year if payed upfront ($36 total). Soundizz’s Premium Plan also includes many additional tools and services, such as creating additional playlists via the platform directly that can sync across all supported music subscription platforms. I personally found Soundiiz effortless to navigate and use after only a few minutes of exploring things.

Imported Spotify Playlists displayed in Pulselocker

If you love Spotify, or any of the Soundiiz supported music streaming services for personal (home) use, you can now feel right at home with Pulselocker by importing your playlists. Unlike other streaming services Pulselocker is designed for commercial use, so you can now perform live using your playlists without legal concern.

Head on over to Soundiiz.com to give it a go!

Note: We plan to post a video soon showing the steps for importing playlists in Pulselocker – but you probably won’t need it as it’s a cinch. 

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About Pulselocker

Pulselocker is online and offline music subscription service designed for DJs and commercial use. Integrated directly in DJ Software  such as DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE, DJs can search and play songs from a massive catalog of nearly 45 million songs in all genres, from major and independent labels.


Have questions about importing playlists into Pulselocker from Spotify or one of the other supported services using Soundiiz? Please leave them in the comments section below!