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Free DJ Software | Downloading Pulselocker Tracks For Offline Playback With DEX 3 LE

DEX 3 LE is free DJ software designed for the masses. Ideal for a beginner DJ or a bedroom jock, DEX 3 LE is powerful and robust with features not typically found in free DJ mixing software versions.

DEX 3 LE can be used with your own music library, iTunes playlists or Pulselocker – the online and offline music subscription service for DJs that’s baked right in. As demonstrated in the video above, DEX 3 LE version 3.7.5 adds the ability to retrieve tracks from the Pulselocker catalog for offline use from directly inside the software browser.

What does that mean for you?

If you’re a new DJ or beginner DJ that wants to get their feet wet with free DJ mixing software and a massive library of music – DEX 3 LE + Pulselocker is the perfect fit. The DJ program is totally free with no strings attached, and Pulselocker subscriptions are priced at only $9.99-a-month (streaming online) or $19.99-a-month (with additional offline playback support as well, which is demonstrated in the video above).

Hone your craft with DEX 3 LE and perform mix sets just like the pros, then step up your game with a DEX 3 RE or DEX 3 upgrade and add features such as plug-and-play support for over 90 DJ controllers, 4 deck mixing, video mixing and more.

If you’re a beginner DJ we’ve got you covered, just download DEX 3 LE from the button below and watch this video on how to start your 14 day free trial of Pulselocker.

DEX 3 LE with a Pulselocker music subscription allows you to #MixEverything


Have questions about our free DJ software or using it with Pulselocker?  Please leave them in the comments section below!