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    Nick Horobin

    I have dex 3 re v All of my info is stored on an internal hard drive. Everytime I go to use the software it takes about five minutes for the playlists to update and then when they do nothing will load into the decks, I remove the dead files which usually number 4000 + and refresh the playlists which takes forever, only then after about twenty minutes I can use some of the files and I have to do this every time.


    Ryan Sherr

    Nick, for some reason I missed this thread!

    It sounds like you may not have enough RAM for the tag/search cache to perform as it should. Approximately how many tracks do you have in your database? If you have up to about 250,000, 8GB of RAM should manage it well enough. If you have around 500,000 than you’ll need 10-12GB. If you have over 800,000 you’ll need 16GB of RAM to manage the cache.

    If you have dead links that means the path to your physical files on your HD is changing, thus breaking the links in the DEX 3 RE DB. Are you renaming folders, renaming files, or moving files on your HD? That’s what would need to happen to break links on the internal HD.

    What is the processor, RAM and graphics card on the machine you’re using, as well?



    Ryan Sherr

    BTW, DEX 3 RE version is now available for download HERE

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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