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    I just upgraded RM to DEX 3 RE. I’ve been testing the program and it has now quit on me 3 times. I get a windows message saying the program is not responding and needs to close. I did a full reboot before the last time it quit. Please advise. This is unacceptable. I am running W10.



    The old program won’t even open now. Same message as the other. “PCDJ mixing software has stopped working”



    I had a similar problem, except I got error message and Dex 3 would not run. I was told by several Windows 10 users that it is not Dex 3, but Windows 10 causing the problems. Either the Dex 3 program does not meet windows 10 requirements or windows 10 removed and reassigned some audio and video drivers when it dumped the windows media player. I’m still waiting on a fix, let you know when I get one.


    Ryan Sherr

    Hi Guys,

    Have you updated to DEX 3 RE This was released only 2 weeks ago. The software is indeed fully windows 10 compatible, the bulk of windows users of our applications are using Windows 10 (*me included).

    When you update to Windows 10 you often have to update your audio/graphics card drivers independently. I had to.

    Make sure you’re now using as the previous iteration did have a memory leak that could manifest itself in different ways. Get on this page:



    Ryan, are there known issues again? I had this happen during dinner music at my wedding this weekend when auto mix was enabled. I’m running


    Ryan Sherr

    I’m not seeing any tickets suggesting it’s a common occurrence, no. But, you should now be running version, the most recent free update.

    Download on this page:

    Did you go back and check out the song that was playing (or loading) when this crash occurred to be sure it wasn’t track related? Also, are you using a pro audio interface or DJ controller, or just your built in sound card?

    We are seeing some reports that suggest a recent windows update may have impacted direct sound and certain internal (built in) audio cards.

    Let me know, thanks!



    I ‘m having the same issue. I just did a wedding this past weekend and it crashed 3 times on me. I know it wasn’t track related. I just purchased DEX 3 (upgraded for RE) and this was the first time that I used it at a gig. It crashed at the absolute worse possible time! Right in the middle of the Bride and Father dance while I was loading the Groom and Mothers dance in to deck 2. I’m running it through a controller (Pioneer DJM-800.)


    Ryan Sherr

    Hi 4everyoungdj,

    That’s not necessarily the same issue – the two could be completely unrelated (albeit the same result). I need to ask some questions in order to help us troubleshoot!

    I assume you are running version Did you go back and re-load the Groom and Mothers dance track to see if it crashed again while doing so? Was it as soon as you loaded it into the player or after it fully buffered into RAM?

    Are you using the ASIO drivers for the DJM-800 under the audio routing tab in DEX 3’s options? What do you have the latency/buffer size set to? Do you have the latest drivers for your controller installed and are you certain they are suitable for your current version of windows?

    Did you have any similar issues with DEX 3 RE? They use the same ‘code’ so I’m curious.

    What are your system specifications on this machine? I would need processor, RAM and graphics card information. Also approximately how many tracks total in your library.

    Have you also optimized the system for live performance? For example, I know controller users need to disable power saving options on their USB ports or Windows will dial back power which can indeed cause a crash (since the connection is lost or muted). Here’s our general guide:

    Here’s how to disable power saving options on your USB ports:

    Last night I mixed music with DEX 3 using just my internal (direct sound) sound card for about 3 hours without as much as a hiccup. Using the latest version. I did this because we believe a recent windows 10 update has impacted some sound cards and direct sound. The issues have only been reported by Windows 10 users that use their internal sound card however, not when using a pro audio USB interface or DJ controller with one built in.

    With that in mind, and the lack of support tickets for related or the same issue, I do not think this is simply a DEX 3 specific issue, but rather other items must be impacting it. When you load a song to a deck in DEX 3 it’s loading the entire song into RAM. If it’s crashing on loading like that it may be down to a RAM allocation issue.

    Please let me know the answers to the questions so we can try to figure out why this is happening so we can get you fixed!


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