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    Will there ever be an android version of DEX?


    Ryan Sherr

    Yes indeed – the iOS version of DEX 3 will launch first, and it should come out this year (sometime in December). Android will follow shortly after.

    We’re going to wrap up DEX 3.8 first with some killer new features, but after it’s released the focus will shift to getting the mobile apps to market. It’s going to be a full-fledged DJ mixing application that mirrors the audio mixing features found in the full version of DEX 3 – it will NOT be like the DJ DEX version currently available for iOS.


    Ryan Sherr

    A little DEX android edition teaser image to build your anticipation 😉

    DEX Android Edition Teaser



    I have stuck with PCDJ for years. PCDJ Red to VJ to Dex 1,2 and 3. You have promised text to screen for years. Haven’t seen it since VJ. Honestly guys, I feel like a broken record. Will you ever integrate it? Seems to me its about the smartest thing to have in a program geared for video, no? I’m just baffled.



    I think you need to update your Dex3 mate. It’s been there for a few months now mate.




    Two questions. Does DEX 3 support “set loop start”, as PCDJ DEX 1 did?
    It’s one of the reasons I still use DEX 1, and PCDJ DEX (never found it on other software).

    Does the playlist support “open all incluind subfolders”, like DEX 1?



    Ryan Sherr

    Yes indeed, Matty – we’ve had the new text, image and video overlays feature since 3.7. More info and a video tutorial here:

    Also, with 3.8 (coming mid December) you’ll have an updated skin with quicker access to loading/selecting your created overlays. The 3.8 update will have a number of other major upgrades, too.

    João, I do recall that feature from DEX 1 – where you could loop the last 4 beats (or the like) instead of the next 4. I have put this in our to-do list, but it hasn’t been much of a high priority (very limited requests, but of course mainly from DEX 1 users). Keep in mind DEX 3 is a completely different product built from scratch with a different team and different goals in mind. Some things have been simplified, but of course we’ve added a lot including all the video capabilities/karaoke.

    You don’t have ‘open including subfolders’ – but you can right click on a folder under explorer/folder and say ‘new playlist from folder’ to generate a list from that folder (which will include all files from any subfolders). Works much in the same way. Of course, many just scan all files into the database as a master list, then nest their folders as favorites for browsing.



    I love it! What I’d love to see is subfolders of my playlist. Easier for sorting and tidy too !



    It looked like first try didn’t go through.
    In the left pane I have several playlists in the USER LIST section I would like to see it auto scroll when you are moving things from rt side to add to the lists. I have to keep my list small so can add songs easily but would like to expand this area. I would be most helpful to me to have more lists and make better use of my song lists.
    Scott Garing

    sorry if this was a repeat.


    Ryan Sherr

    Yes, agreed with auto-scroll – in both the browser section and the sidelist. We plan to add this.

    For the time being, try this method for creating user lists (this way you can just have the user list always visible before you move all songs over to it):



    Lots of people I speak to use SongbookDb and as Dex3 is the Rolls Royce of Karaoke, I’m amazed it still hasn’t linked up with Songbookdb . Customers love SongbookDb and KJ’s love Dex3. If the 2 worked together it would benefit everybody. Come on folks, please make this happen.



    In addition of saving a karaoke singer’s song list for future dates I really would like to have a separate autoplay background audio filler list and singer rotation list separate so you can plainly see the rotation. I don’t like seeing the karaoke songs mixed with the audio in one box.



    Chauvet has a new product out – Soundswitch, that currently only works with Serato. It adds a file that controls DMX lighting to songs, allowing the DJ to create a light show that is specifically timed to the song. It looks pretty damn cool. It would be a great thing if PCDJ could be the second program to integrate itself with this new product.



    I currently use PCDJ Karaoki for karaoke shows, but like the fact that I can load and play karaoke songs through Dex3. What I would like to see added, is the ability to turn off vocals, because I have a huge number of Nutone songs, but can use them because I can’t turn off the singers.


    Ryan Sherr

    Thanks Guys, we want to focus on some of the core karaoke features that DEX 3 is missing first – like a more managed rotation, singer/song history and a karaoke music subscription option (this last one we get request for more than anything lately!). (we will likely launch a karaoke subscription option in DEX 3.9). Support for multiplex would be an easy add i think – so we may get that into 3.9 as well!

    Songbook DB may very well be an option, too. It is an in-depth integration that takes months for completion so it’s not the highest priority, right now.

    I’ve been checking out soundswitch, Harry. We actually had a similar feature in an older PCDJ product (when we sold PCDJ DMX). We may very well look at something like that again, too!

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