New Karaoki Beta Version 0.8.5903 Includes ‘Search History’ And More

Karaoke Software Beta 0.8.5903 Cover Image

A new iteration of our best karaoke software solution for professional show hosting is available for download!

Our Karaoki development team has been on a tear over the last few weeks, releasing a slew of updates that improve overall performance as well as introduce a couple sought-after features and changes.

Karaoki version 0.8.5903 (UPDATE: The link provided below has been updated for the new 5911 build) is ready for download (below). As always, this is a free update for existing Karaoki KJs. The karaoke software update effectively eradicates a couple pesky bugs to ensure rock-solid stability and includes upgrades to ‘search’. 

You can now ‘search history’ from the large pop-up search box (double-click in the usual search box to display large pop-up search box) and search-speed performance has been further improved – so much so that our beta testers are reporting speeds 2X that of previous builds. We think that should put a smile on a few faces!

Further preparation’s have also been made in this version to support the upcoming release of KaraoQ360 and support for KaraoQ’s innovative and modern remote request platform.

Release Notes For Karaoki Beta 0.8.5903

Build #0.8.5903.31620 Feb 29th 2016

Bug Fixes/ Potential Fixes:

  • Karaoq360 mode ‘Screen 2’ button graphics fix.
  • Fixed Auto fade bug
  • New ”Search” bugs fixed
  • Fixed Karaoki not closing plugins.


  • Added ‘Search History’ to Large search pop-up.
  • Karaoki can now use several new graphics formats (jpeg, png) as CDG backdrops, when loaded it can copy-convert the images to BMP’s that it can then load.
  • Added “Remove Singer From Rotation” option to rotation list Right click menu: this should be used instead of Singer delete during a show.
  • Delayed SAT and Locker downloads at start-up (fixes the “invalid file save” issue some users reported on starting new versions of Karaok)
  • Karaoki will auto resize is started with main window outside the visible bounds of the primary screen.
  • Options button menu now displayed in the center of the main window, this will in most cases prevent its sub lists from being displayed on the secondary screen.

Install Note: Click the button above and choose to run or save. Install the software with your existing version of Karaoki closed and it will overwrite and update your version.

Experiencing any issues with the new beta or have suggestions for the next karaoke software update?  Please join in the discussion on our forums HERE

5 replies
  1. Daniel Monroe
    Daniel Monroe says:

    Have the new beta version and love it except that the back ground music will not pause or fade when karaoke song starts, like the old version. Am I doing something wrong or is this a program glich.

      • Daniel Monroe
        Daniel Monroe says:

        Still the same and I have tried adjusting the pause and pause and load next track. But the songs play on when the karaoke songs start so then your getting both I don’t know if this helps or not.

        • Ryan Sherr
          Ryan Sherr says:

          Thanks, and what mode do you have the background music player in? If you’re not sure, go into the BGM and right-click on the text “background music” – this will bring up a drop down menu with all the BGM player options. I have mine set to “pause on load” and to start a new track every time it fades back in. Do you have it on constant play?

          • Daniel Monroe
            Daniel Monroe says:

            Right now it is just on auto pause “enabled” and I have tried it with the Pause and load next track, and I have tried them both together. Still have the same thing, BG music continues when karaoke is started, I even waited for 30 seconds and it did not fade out.

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