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Starting A Pulselocker Free Trial From Our Free DJ Software

Download Free DJ software and use with Pulselocker

DEX 3 LE is entirely, totally and completely Free DJ Software designed for the masses. Download DEX 3 LE and use it to mix your own music library, iTunes or subscribe to Pulselocker — the in-app music subscription that provides access to over 44 million tracks in all genres, from major and independent labels.

Pairing DEX 3 LE with Pulselocker enables anyone (yes, even you grandma!) to DJ like a pro with a massive library of music at your fingertips. Search the entire catalog without every leaving DEX 3 LE! Your friends and party goers will have a tough time trying to ‘stump the DJ’. The video below will show you how to start a fully-functional no-commitment free trial of the dj-centric music subscription from within our free DJ application.

While DEX 3 LE is indeed free DJ software, it obliterates the stigma that ‘you get what you pay for’.  Beat Grid, Beat Sync, Manual or Auto Mixing, Hot Cues, Quantized Loops, Effects and More are included, making it an excellent DJ program for those mixing with a keyboard or mouse (upgrade to DEX 3 RE or DEX 3 (full) for support for over 85 DJ controllers).

Watch: Starting A Pulselocker Free Trial From Within Our Free DJ Software – DEX 3 LE

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