DJs Best Source for Music Videos and VJ Tools

PCDJ has created some of the best video mixing software solutions for professional DJs and VJs for the last 7 years.  

Our current flagship DJ mixing software solution, PCDJ DEX 2 also mixes music videos just like regular audio — with all the same great features DJs are accustom to like beat sync, looping, and scratching. Included in our DEX 2 DJ software are various video effects and transitions, making blending music videos seamless and visually stunning. 

So you have the vehicle in PCDJ DEX 2 to perform live with music videos, but where can you find high-quality music videos and VJ tools for promotional use (otherwise commercially legal)?

We've partnered with The Video Pool to bring you the highest quality music videos for DJs, in all genres. 


The Video Pool is the source to own for professional video DJs, VJs.  TVP is a promotional music video service for labels, video DJs, and artists. We supply to the latest and hottest releases as well as a vast archive of old school videos dating back to the 70’s. The Video Pool has many exclusive remixes, intro edits, as well as rare classics hits in most popular genres (70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Rock, Reggae, Country, Dubstep, House)

Optimal Audio & Visual Quality for lowest latency

• 320K Audio

• Wide Variety of Genres, Intro/Outros, Exclusive Remixes

• DJ/VJ Tools Mixing Tools, Lyric Videos

• Properly formatted/tagged metadata including single artwork

• Artist, Title, Record Label, Single/Album Artwork, BPM, Year, Bitrate, Time, and Genre

• Now servicing High Definition Videos (720P,1080P)

• Compatible with VJ and Video Mixing Software like PCDJ DEX 2

• Multiple updates weekly

• Best Selection of Old School Hip-Hop, Reggae, and R&B Classics

• 10,000+ titles

• Get 200 videos of your selection for only $34.99 a month! (Quarterly and Yearly Membership options also available)


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