DJ Sound Card Review: Electrix Ebox 44

DJ Software programs such as PCDJ DEX 2 and RED Mobile 2 are designed to support headphone cueing (pre-fade listening).   In order to accomplish headphone cueing you need to either use an external USB or Firewire Sound Card designed for DJ use, or a DJ Controller with a Sound Card (I/O interface) built right in.    

USB (or Firewire) Sound cards designed for professional DJs have a minimum or 2 stereo outputs, and typically include RCA connections (or 1/4 inch) for higher quality connection and low ground noise.   Many like the Electrix Ebox 44 also include 2 stereo inputs with phono pre-amps, allowing for Digital Vinyl Control (DVS).   PCDJ DEX 2 supports the Ms Pinky and Torq Vinyl, so so the Electrix Ebox 44 is a great choice.  

Here's an excellent video review of the Electrix Ebox 44 USB Sound Card by Kareem Julian:


The Electrix Ebox 44 is offered by PCDJ for only $99

We also offer discounted bundle packs that include DJ software with the Electrix Ebox 44:

PCDJ DEX 2 with Ebox 44

PCDJ RED Mobile 2 with Ebox 44

Please leave any questions you have regarding this great DJ sound card below!