DJ Sound Card: How To Use The Electrix Ebox-44 with PCDJ DJ Software

The Electrix Ebox-44 DJ Sound Card (For MAC or Windows) 

The Ebox-44 (4in/4out) DJ Sound Card is a high-quality and very reasonably priced USB audio interface that is an excellent solution to use with PCDJ DJ software products.  The manufacturer, Electrix was originally founded in 1999 and quickly gained a reptutation for creating new, unique, and solid products.   All Electix hardware features rock-solid build quality designed to hold-up in any performance environment. 

PCDJ is often approached by sound card (audio I/O) manufacturers to offer their solutions, and we've offered various sound cards and sound card with DJ ebox1mixing software bundle packs previously.  We hooked up with Electrix close to a year ago, and have been very happy with the Ebox-44 performance and customer feedback.   It's as good a choice as many more expensive solutions, so at $99 it's truly a bargain.   Low floor noise, low latency outputs and user-friendly configuration make it a win for any DJ that requires 2 stereo ouputs for headphone pre-fade listening that isn't using a DJ controller with a sound card/Audio I/O built in. 

Since the Ebox-44 features 2 stereo outputs utilizing RCA's on the back of the interface, and has a 1/4" headphone jack on the front that can be set to monitor the 3/4 output – it will work perfectly for running 2 channels to an external mixer (so you would plug your headphones into your mixer and cue from there) or with PCDJ's internal mixer (one output for headphones, one for main) 

Here is how you should configure the Electrix Ebox 44 for external (physical DJ mixer) mixer mode in our PCDJ DEX 2 (and upcoming version 3) or PCDJ RED Mobile 2 DJ programs:

DJ Sound Card DJ Mixer Mode

Here is how you would configure the Ebox-44 for internal mixer mode in PCDJ, so you can use the headphone jack output for pre-fade listening and the 1/2 ouput on the back for your main:

DJ sound card virtual mixer mode

Also, in order to make sure the headphone jack output on the front of the Ebox-44 monitors ONLY the 3/4 output (your headphone output channels) make sure the Ebox-44 control desk is configured like this (3/4 output un-ganged and volume all the way down):


For an in-depth review of the Ebox-44 DJ Software soundcard, check out this previous blog post HERE

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