DJ Software | Download And Try The RED Mobile 3.5 Release Candidate

RED Mobile 3.5 DJ software with Pulselocker streaming

RED Mobile 3 is PCDJ’s user-friendly DJ mixing software for mixing music and playing karaoke files.  It’s DEX 3’s little, yet feature-rich, brother.

Today RED Mobile 3 grows up. Introducing a release candidate of RED Mobile 3.5.

RED Mobile 3.5 includes all the precision mixing features found in previous versions, but comes equipped with an all-new modern GUI (including new ‘tablet mode’) and Pulselocker streaming support (online and offline in-app access to 44+ Million songs from major and independent labels).  Numerous under-the-hood performance improvements are also included with this free update and MAC OSX El Capitan is now fully-supported, too.

We invite users to download and try the release candidate (The PCDJ team agrees that 3.5 is road-worthy and stable) of RED Mobile 3, and have a play with Pulselocker integration.  To sign up for a 2-week free trial, simply right-click on the Pulselocker icon in the navigation pane in the RED Mobile 3.5 browser and choose to ‘Login’ – you will then be able to test the service for 2-weeks (no CC required).



Notable RED Mobile 3.5 Changes and Improvements:

  • Pulselocker Streaming Service Support
  • Brand new BPM detection engine
  • Icecast support – broadcast your live mix
  • All-New GUI and new ‘Tablet Mode’ (For 2in1 Windows machines)
  • Loop points (saving and recalling loops)
  • Auto-Cueing completely revamped: Automatically detected mix-in and mix-out cue points (IN/OUT)
  • Setting to use either soft sounds or percussion for the in/out cue points detection
  • Setting to use or not Auto-cueing when loading and for Auto-Mix
  • Effect engine refactoring (internal)
  • DJ Controllers can now be detected using USB VID:PID also on Mac
  • New controllers supported: Denon MC4000, Pioneer DDJ-SX2, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3
  • When exiting search it restores the last viewed list/folder
  • Graphics rendering improvements (eg. better looking text)
  • Setting to change between then new and the old (compatibility mode) BPM detection
  • Several small bug fixes (including 2 crash fixes) and optimizations
  • Drag & drop files from Explorer / Finder to the current-list or the side-list
  • Automatic detection of arrival/removal of MIDI controllers (you can now plug in or disconnect devices while RED Mobile 3.5 is running)
  • Fixed rare crash when loading karaoke files
  • Fixed graphical rendering problems with artwork over jog-wheels
  • Fixed automatic rescanning when a new disk/usb drive is inserted or ejected
  • Fixed automatic rotation on Windows tablet devices
  • Many performance improvements

NOTE: Pulselocker is still in public-beta testing phase. More music is being ingested into the platform daily, and various tweaks and performance improvements are still being applied. 

Have questions about RED Mobile 3.5 or Pulselocker?  Please leave them in the comments section below!