DJ Mixing Software | Download The DEX 3.7.5 Release Candidate With Improved Pulselocker Support

Download DEX 3.7.5 Release Candidate With Updated Pulselocker Support
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Download the release candidate of DEX 3.7.5 below with new Pulselocker features, 7 additional DJ controllers supported, performance improvements and more!

The 3.7.5 version of DEX 3 is now available and can be downloaded below (install with your existing DEX 3 version closed and the update will overwrite it and update it to 3.7.5 automatically).

The 3.7.5 release of our top DJ software solution for mixing music and music videos is all about improved Pulselocker feature support and performance optimizations. 3.7.5 is a ‘bridge release’ to a more significant, game-changing DEX 3.8 update schedule to release over the next few weeks.

With that said, in additional to Pulselocker feature updates (more on what those improvements are below) we’ve included plug-and-play support for 7 additional DJ controllers from Pioneer DJ, Reloop DJ, Behringer and Hercules — the latest being the Hercules DJControl Instinct P8, a budget-friendly, colorful option for on-the-go DJs that sells for only $129 USD on most DJ equipment sites. Searching your track library has also sped up a bit so 3.7.5 is not just a ‘maintenance release’, either.

Download Pulselocker Songs In DEX 3

The primary focus of DEX 3.7.5 and the reason we’ve posted it now as a ‘release candidate’ was to update to the most recent Pulselocker SDK and include new features of the online/offline streaming subscription service for DJs.

DJs can now download tracks for offline use from within the DEX 3.7.5 (and up) browser – as well as toggle tracks for online-only use.  New icons are displayed for different states, such as a cloud (online), a check (downloaded to your hard drive for offline use) and a downward pointing arrow (downloading).

As DEX 3.7.5 is a release candidate (which means we’ve tested as much as we can test and are satisfied with performance, but want to let the masses take a last look) you will want to test before using it during a live performance. If you run into any issues or have any suggestions please post them on the DEX 3 user forum.

What’s new, changed or fixed in DEX 3.7.5 RC 1

  • Contextual menu to add Pulselocker songs to the Locker (to “Offline tracks”); you can also remove them as well as download as many track selections at a time as you wish.
  • Right-click on Pulselocker search results and use the “Download To Offline Tracks” option to retrieve songs to your hard drive. Use “Remove From Offline Tracks” to dump.
  • Added icons to show the status of a Pulselocker track (downloading, downloaded, removing, cloud, etc)
  • Updated Pulselocker SDK to latest version (1.2.2)
  • Excluded Pulselocker cloud tracks from the regular search results (it will still show tracks from the Locker – tracks that you have on your computer)
  • 7 new DJ controllers supported (zero-configure / map files included with software installation):
    – Behringer CMD Studio 2A
    – Behringer CMD Studio 4A
    – Hercules DJControl Instinct P8
    – Reloop DJ Beatmix 4 MK2
    – Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB
    – Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR
    – Pioneer DDJ WeGO2 (the original WeGO and the WeGO3 are also supported)
  • Updated M-Audio Xponent script (auto detection should work OK in all instances)
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance optimizations (eg. slightly faster searching/search results)


New Pulselocker Features Found In DEX 3.7.5 (and up)


Have questions about DEX 3.7.5 DJ mixing software, Pulselocker or the freshly supported DJ controllers?  Leave them in the comments section below!