Disc Jockey News Recaps This Years Mobile Beat DJ Show

This years Mobile Beat Show just concluded in Las Vegas and lighting was the star of the show.

Uplighting, more traditional moving heads and lighting display pieces such as the Volanti Cube took center stage — providing mobile DJs with more options to create unique environments for their shows.   Whether you’re a seasoned vet or trying to break into the Mobile DJ market, lighting can light the way to more clients and gigs.

Your ability to mix and select music, with the help of our DJ Mixing Software of course, is still tops — but it’s all about setting the mood.  Lighting is an instant atmosphere changer, transforming vague boring spaces into magnificent habits of ambiance.  Clients remember that, it’s registers with them visually.  Regionally, DJs generally play much of the same music at mobile parties, and proper lighting can leave an imprint in a way music can’t.

Watch The Rewind Report and John Young Report On Various Lighting On Display At this Years Mobile Beat Show