DEX 3 Mixing Software | Downloading Pulselocker Tracks For Offline Use (Video)

New in DEX 3.7.5 (and up) is the native ability to download Pulselocker tracks for offline use – Check out the video tutorial above for instructions.

The Pulselocker subscription service designed exclusively for DJs is baked right in to the DEX 3 browser, providing subscribers in-app access to a massive catalog of over 44 million tracks in all genres and decades, from major and independent record labels.  Search the entire catalog while online without ever leaving the DEX 3 browser, and/or download as many tracks as your hard drive can store for offline playback.

In previous DEX 3 mixing software versions it was mandatory to use the download features provided at Pulselocker.com to store tracks for offline playback – not anymore; DEX 3.7.5 now includes the native ability to toggle tracks for online/offline use.

This means DEX 3 users no longer need to leave the application for any Pulselocker related items – unless they are using the Beat Selector music discovery tool provided on the Pulselocker website.

DEX 3 + Pulselocker enables DJ to truly #MixEverything


Have questions about the Pulselocker DJ music subscription service or DEX 3.7.5? Please leave them in the comments section below!