DEX 3.6 (Public Beta 2) Now Available For Download

DEX 3.6 DJ and Video Mixing Software Download
DEX 3.6 Video Mixing Software Screen Shot

A new DEX 3.6 Beta Version Is Available For Download.  

This latest beta iteration of our flagship DJ and video mixing software can be downloaded below. PLEASE NOTE: We highly suggest testing thoroughly before using during a live performance (Beta versions are considered pre-release, so by design require further testing before becoming a ‘public release’).

The previous DEX 3.6 beta version introduced a new “video link” feature, where DJs can select a directory of videos that will play when playing audio tracks without video (video will play in concession or randomly depending on the setting you apply). This latest DEX 3.6 beta addresses a few issues with the new “video link” feature and gives the boot to a few other pesky bugs. You will also notice that tracks load to the decks faster, in general.

Pulselocker is still disabled in the Windows versions for now, as we’re continuing to work with the new Pulselocker SDK.  Pulselocker is however now enabled again for MAC. 

Here’s What’s New, Changed And Fixed In DEX 3.6 (Beta 2) Since Beta 1

  • Fixed video flickering (also fixed: showing the artwork instead of the actual video content)
  • Fixed resampling problems (pitch bending-like effect after playing for a while)
  • Fixed preview player loading, sampler loading, batch processing loading
  • Fixed WMA and FLAC loading (however, WMA files with bad/corrupted frames will not load – by design)
  • Fixed cue in/out points not used by the AutoMix (ATTN: the mix out/cue out point must be after the half of the track)
  • Speed improvements when loading tracks
  • Fixed DLL deployment on Windows
  • Enabled Pulselocker on Mac (was disabled in beta1), still disabled for Windows

Here’s What Was Changed and Added To DEX 3.6 Beta 1

  • Completely refactored the file loading system (including multiple bug fixes)
  • Ability to link video files to audio tracks (from a user-selectable videos folder, random video selection is available too)
  • Video tab/panel added to the settings
  • Multiple performance optimizations

Again, please note DEX 3.6 is a BETA! Please test thoroughly before using during a live performance. You can roll back to the public 3.5.7 release by re-installing from the DEX 3 support page HERE


If you have any questions or problems running the DEX 3.6 DJ and VJ Software beta version please post to the DEX 3 user forum.

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