What type of DJ are you

What Type Of DJ Do You Consider Yourself? (Survey)

We want to know what you consider yourself - Mobile DJ? Club DJ? Both? Bedroom DJ? Please take our anonymous survey below to help us better serve you!   Today, the line between "Mobile DJ" (AKA Wedding DJ) and "Club DJ" is blurred. Advancements…
SongbookDB Remote Phone Requests

Explaining The Benefits Of Using SongbookDB To Your Singers

SongbookDB is a remote song/singer request platform that works with our karaoke show hosting software, Karaoki. Singers browse and search your online karaoke song book from their own phone and submit requests that pop-up in Karaoki directly.…

Featured Karaoki "Solo Artist" User | The Songgoddess

Each month we plan to highlight one DJ Program user and one Karaoke Program user, and their business. Meet Jamie Brayden of Phoenix, AZ -- a PCDJ Karaoki software SOLO ARTIST. amie Brayden, also known as "The Songgoddess", has been…
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Featured DEX 3 DJ Software User | Temecula's Best DJ

ennis Barela is CEO of Temecula's Best DJ located in Southern California. He is a new DEX 3 DJ mixing software user and this months featured PCDJ user. Dennis sums himself up: "The summary that I often use is that I am a "singer/songwriter/guitarist,…

User Testimonial: Using DEX 3 and SongbookDB

Xavier "The X-man" Gomez of New Vision Entertainment Services out of Newnan Georgia is a huge fan of our DEX 3 DJ mixing software and SongbookDB. Xavier recently upgraded to our best DJ software for mixing all media types, DEX 3, and subscribed…