DJ Turns NYC Subway Car Into A Mobile Dance Party

"Today, we Dance!" At times DJing becomes more "work" than what many DJ's got into it for in the first place:  Fun and connecting with an audience.  For many DJs it's spiritual -- music uplifts! AMK Productions set out to uplift commuters…

DJ Parody Video: A Young DJ Struggles To Make It At Skrillex Academy

"Where you pressing, or where you pushing?!?" OK, so it seems the in-thing right now to dump on DJs -- every other week it seems a new DJ parody video eats up my Facebook timeline.    But like any being confident in their craft, you…

Christmas Lighting And Music Show Roundup

It's that time of year again, when DMX and lighting programming professionals get to take their work home with them -- creating extravagant Christmas light shows set to music. After a week of fairly technical blog posts and waking to crisp-cold…

Infographic: Selecting The Perfect Karaoke Song To Sing

Pro KJs using our karaoke software will get surely a big kick out of this infographic from BuzzFeed.   I could see many printing it out and hanging in the KJ Booth. It begins straight forward enough, asking "What Should You Sing For Karaoke…

10 Things That Annoy Club DJs

If you're a club DJ, I'm sure you'll concur. Irkitated has put a list together of the Top 10 things that annoy club DJs.  If you're trying to stay on the club DJs good side, read on.   If you're a club DJ, think about printing this…

DJ Humor - DJ Poses

(this article was originally posted by Mixmag  - By Seb Wheeler, Elliot Thoburn, Robin Murray & Mixmag Staff) A collection of the best DJ Poses - and their most illustrious enthusiasts  (Mouse over images for captions) …