Beta Testing Of The Pulselocker iOS App Has Officially Begun

Pulselocker iOS app beta Testing

Pulselocker subscribers rejoice, beta testing of the much anticipated iOS has begun!

We posted an open invite to sign up for Pulselocker iOS app beta testing a few weeks back. While the majority of slots are already filled there may be a few opening so you can get in on the beta testing fun. You can find information about beta testing for Pulselocker and how to sign up HERE

Pulselocker iOS App Preview

If you previously signed up to beta test the Pulselocker iOS app, please make sure you include your Apple ID when responding to the email invite you should have received over the last couple of days. There are apparently quite a few Pulselocker users that signed up but failed to respond to the beta test invite with their Apple ID – and you wouldn’t want to lose your slot to another DJ!

I’ve personally been alpha testing the Pulselocker iOS app for a few weeks and while there’s a few small niggles to address (which is where you can help!), the app performs admirably when playing tracks from your created playlists, exploring and discovering new music and creating new playlists on-the-fly.

Whether you’re logged in and mixing music in DEX 3 RE or DEX 3 or on the Pulselocker iOS app, it’s all the same account. Playlists you create through the iOS app will automatically sync with DEX 3 RE or DEX 3 once you log in.

The Pulselocker app is truly transformative for DJs. Create your Friday night mix set while on your morning commute – and hit the club prepped and ready to go later that night. If you’re a Wedding DJ bring your iPhone to the bride meeting and let her select a few songs for their reception.

Inspiration for DJ sets can come from anywhere at anytime — now Pulselocker subscribers can grab their iPhone from their pocket and prep wherever and whenever.

To learn more about the Pulselocker music subscription service and how to take it for a test spin in DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE visit THIS PAGE