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Fifty-Song-Friday’s | Another Friday, Another 50 Songs Added To World’s Best Professional Karaoke Subscription Service!

“Fifty-Song-Friday’s” is staying true-to-form with another 50 karaoke hits ready for download now with Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro! This week Karaoke Cloud Pro subscribers get choice selections in pitch-perfect quality from hit artists such as Mary J. Blige, Marooon 5, Whitney Houston, Trisha Yearwood and more. You can count on Digitrax Entertainment uploading 50 more karaoke songs each-and-every-week […]


Windows DJ Software Tips | Using WASAPI As An Alternative To Direct Sound Or ASIO Drivers

If you use DJ Software with Windows and don’t require pre-fade listening (headphone cuing) and simply use your built-in audio output device (sound card) you should try using the Microsoft WASAPI driver option as an alternative to Direct Sound. WASAPI, which is an acronym for Windows Audio Session API, is Microsoft’s most up-to-date method for communicating to your audio […]

Fifty-Song-Friday’s | Download These 50 Karaoke Songs Now With Karaoki And World’s Best Karaoke Subscription 3-17-17

It’s another “Fifty-Song-Friday” and the hits just keep on coming!  The licensing team at Digitrax Entertainment have recently kicked it into high-gear, promising KCP subscribers 50 new karaoke songs every Friday just like clockwork. This is week three of “Fifty-Song-Friday’s” and it doesn’t disappoint, with karaoke hits from top artists such as Eric Clapton, Patsy Cline, […]

Fifty-Song-Friday’s | Download These 50 Karaoke Songs Now With Your Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription 3-10-17

The second edition of “Fifty-Song-Friday’s” has arrived for Karaoke Cloud Pro — world’s best karaoke subscription service for karaoke hosts and karaoke bars/restaurants! If you missed last weeks big Karaoke Cloud Pro announcement here it is in a nutshell: Digitrax Entertainment, the KCP karaoke subscription provider, has committed to releasing 50 songs each-and-every Friday. The […]

DJ Controllers For Beginners Using DEX 3 RE

DEX 3 RE, the $79 Red Edition of our DEX 3 DJ software lineup, is easy-to-use and popular among new Digital DJs. Sure, you can mix with DEX 3 RE using just a keyboard and mouse but let’s be honest — where’s the fun in that?  More importantly, how will you get better at DJing if you’re […]

Karaoke Subscription | The First Week Of ‘Fifty-Song Friday’s’ Kicks Off Tomorrow With These 50 Karaoke Songs

Last week the news broke that Digitrax Entertainment, the creators of Karaoke Cloud Pro, have committed to releasing 50 new karaoke songs each-and-every Friday. Here’s a look at tomorrows ‘Fifty-Song Friday‘ releases. In what is sure to become every Karaoke Cloud Pro subscribers favorite day of the week, the first edition of ‘Fifty-Song Friday’ kicks off tomorrow. […]


Karaoke Cloud Pro Announcement | Beginning 3-3-17 FIFTY Karaoke Songs Will Be Added Weekly To The Karaoke Subscription Service

DigiTrax Entertainment, the Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription service provider, has announced that beginning on 3-3-17 fifty karaoke songs will be added to the service each-and-every Friday. DigiTrax announced today that they are ramping up production and licensing efforts to ensure the selection of hit karaoke songs available to Karaoki and Karaoke Cloud Pro users […]