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Karaoke Cloud Pro Announcement | Beginning 3-3-17 FIFTY Karaoke Songs Will Be Added Weekly To The Karaoke Subscription Service

DigiTrax Entertainment, the Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription service provider, has announced that beginning on 3-3-17 fifty karaoke songs will be added to the service each-and-every Friday. DigiTrax announced today that they are ramping up production and licensing efforts to ensure the selection of hit karaoke songs available to Karaoki and Karaoke Cloud Pro users […]

The 10 Top Selling DJ Controllers In 2016 (According To DJTechTools)

Citing an industry sales report, DJTechTools.com recently posted the top 10 selling DJ controllers in 2016. We always get a kick out of comparing our own DJ software user requests with industry reports to see just how close they mirror each other. Looking at the top 10 selling DJ controllers from DJTechTools.com there weren’t any real mind-blowing surprises. Our DEX […]

Love is in the air…17 years and counting!

Yes, it may be a largely manufactured holiday but it’s also a great opportunity for us to tell you how much we truly appreciate you, our customer. While red roses will emit nearly 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide this valentines day we’ll focus on the positive — you and your loyal support! It’s been 17 years since […]

Digigames | Wireless Buzzers Quiz Buzzers Trivia Software Explained (Video)

Trivia with wireless buzzers adds interactive excitement to parties, corporate events, bars and restaurants. Digigames is the go-to wireless trivia system in the arena, with the TM-120 being the gold standard. The first segment of the video above explains how the TM-120 Trivia Party system works. When Digigames shipped us a demo TM-120 system a couple years […]

Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription | Another 20 Karaoke Hits Available Now That’ll Keep Them Singing!

This week’s 20 Karaoke Cloud Pro releases will have your singers screaming ‘Gimme Dat Ding‘ as they reach for the mic! ‘Guess What‘? This isn’t ‘Hit Or Miss‘, just like clockwork you get 20 new karaoke songs each-and-every-week with a Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription. ‘Girls Who Play Guitar‘ are ‘Hard To Handle‘ but those who […]


Keeping A Pulse On Pulselocker | Quickly Find The Single You’re Looking For With New “List View”

“Alternative view is a new “compact” way of looking at singles on genre, artists and label pages.” Alvaro Said “Instead of the traditional front (album) cover way, now Pulselocker members can play the tracks of a release directly from the same page using a convenient drop down menu.” It’s great to see the team at Pulselocker […]