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PCDJ Review | We Want To Hear From You!

We want to hear from you! After nearly 18 years in the business of creating leading-edge live performance DJ and karaoke software products we understand that, more than anything else, DJs gravitate towards products based on the word in the street. Word of mouth. DJs are self-motivated with outgoing personalities and an abundance of nerve […]


Karaoke Subscription For A Bar

Looking for a karaoke subscription for a bar? What you need today is the perfect marriage of karaoke software and karaoke music. Thankfully, that’s what we do! The Karaoke Software PCDJ Karaoki is professional karaoke software designed to play karaoke music and display lyrics for the singers to sing. Connect a monitor, TV or projector via the HDMI output […]

Fifty-Song-Friday’s | Elvis Is In the Building And More This Week With Karaoke Cloud Pro

You already know that Digitrax Entertainment, the Karaoke Cloud Pro provider, releases 50 karaoke songs with on-screen lyrics each-and every Friday, but they’re just not any songs — they’re hits from the best artists of all time, like Elvis. They don’t plan on stopping anytime soon either, the karaoke catalog keeps on growing and growing. Elvis might be […]

Download Free DJ Software And #MixEverything

DJs are today’s rock stars. Everyone wants to ‘be the DJ’ and mix music on-the-fly just like the festival headliners they pay an arm and a leg to see perform live. That’s great. You’re inspired. Being inspired was the first step for many DJs that eventually go on to become a house-hold name. So you’ve established that […]

“Shout” it out! Karaoke Cloud Pro has 50 MORE songs for you to download today! 4-14-17

Yeah, it’s okay to raise your voice… Why are we this excited? Well for starters, Digitrax has another outstanding list of 50 songs they’ve added to your Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke catalog this week. Just log into Karaoke Cloud Pro through Karaoki and download the latest karaoke hits. And in case you haven’t noticed, Digitrax keeps doing this, over and […]


Mixing Harmonically With DEX 3 DJ Software | Finding Key-Compatible Tracks Using Search

Our top DJ mixing software, DEX 3, will automatically calculate a songs key and display the key in the browser. Key Detection helps DJs find tracks that not only match well tempo-wise, but also don’t clash melodically. Mixing songs harmonically will create a better listening experience for your fans. If you enable ‘Key Detection’ under the general […]

Fifty-Song-Friday’s | Yep, The Catalog For Worlds Best Karaoke Subscription Service Keeps Growing, And Growing…

If you haven’t been paying attention, that’s five weeks in a row of ‘Fifty-Song-Friday’s’ — and it ain’t gonna stop! Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription holders (only $49.99-a-month for the commercially legal service) can log-in through Karaoki today and download another 50 karaoke hits from artists such as Blake Shelton, Justin Bieber, T-Pain, The All-American Rejects and many others. Just […]

Pulselocker iOS App Is Now Available In The App Store

The new Pulselocker iOS app is ready for download in the iTunes App Store. Now whenever and wherever inspiration strikes DJs can reach in their pocket to create, edit and listen to Pulselocker playlists. The long-awaited Pulselocker iOS app launched in the iTunes App Store over the weekend. Subscribers to the popular online/offline streaming service […]

Fifty-Song-Friday’s | Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscribers Can Download 312 Freshly Added Karaoke Songs Today! 3-31-17

‘Fifty-Song-Friday’ is here and this week it comes with a tremendous surprise for Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription users. In addition to the 50 new karaoke songs KJs that use the commercially legal karaoke subscription service can download each-and-every Friday, Digitrax Entertainment just uploaded another 262 bonus karaoke tracks. That’s a total of 312 new karaoke songs you […]