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Why Use The Pulselocker Subscription?

Pulselocker has rapidly become the industry standard in-app music subscription service. Seamlessly baked into mixing software DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE for the last two years, many of the online/offline streaming service benefits are obvious while others not-so-much. DJs have very different music requirements than regular Joe’s who purchase their favorite songs à la […]

Halloween Party Music Playlist For DJs | 2017 Edition

Boo to you from the PCDJ Crew!  Your Halloween-themed DJ gigs are now in full swing and this year you need dance-able tracks with real spirit. Out with the old, moldy, and worm-ridden cheese tunes and in with some fresh tracks that will get the party-goers up and out of their coffin’s and on to […]

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Karaoke Subscription | Starting A 7-Day Free Trial Of Party Tyme Karaoke In DEX 3

Owners of DEX 3 can now subscribe to Party Tyme Karaoke streaming (with offline support) without ever leaving the application, providing a truly seamless partnership between DJ/karaoke software and karaoke music. Create an account through DEX 3 and gain immediate in-app access to a 13,500+ karaoke library in HD MP4 quality for $99-a-month after a 7-day […]


Why Do Karaoke Subscriptions Cost What They Do?

Compared with the cost of acquiring music as a DJ, via a record pool or a subscription service such as Pulselocker, karaoke music is expensive. Digital 1 Audio Inc provides support for two professional and commercially viable karaoke subscription platforms; Digitrax Entertainment’s ‘Karaoke Cloud Pro‘ and Party Tyme Karaoke’s Subscription Service, in our PCDJ DJ […]