Add Interactive Fun and Excitement to any Mobile DJ Party with Visikord

As usual we’re always on the prowl for new DJ tools that can not only generate more revenue for you, but add unique and memorable excitement to your Mobile DJ gigs.   We think Visikord hits the mark.

Our DEX 3 DJ software mixes audio and music videos, and Visikord only further exemplifies our mission to accommodate a total multimedia experience.   Any platform that can help get your audience involved at a gig ensures a more

memorable night of fun, which equals more quality referrals for you.   Visikord offers a great upsell opportunity from your default DJ packages.

So what exactly is Visikord? 

Visikord /ˈvizikôrd/ software puts your guests on the big screen where they dance and play together, using touch-free motion control to make stunning visuals to your music with their hands. They dance freestyle or play rhythm dance games to the live DJ mix and literally catch the beats.

The software runs on a Windows PC/laptop, with any LCD or projection screen, and a Kinect (new or used) motion control camera. You can customize all aspects of the visuals.

For DJs and entertainers who use a video screen on their shows or want to use one, and who are looking for a new way to engage the audience, Visikord is software for interactive dance visuals that makes their guests the stars and the controllers of the visual show.

Unlike traditional Video DJ/VJ software, Visikord uses a Kinect motion control camera to put the audience on the big screen and let them control intense visual effects or play rhythm games with their hands in the air, touch free, to the beat of DJ’s music. And unlike Wii/XBox/Playstation games, Visikord works with LIVE music mixes and runs on the PC (XBox is not needed).

Visikord does not require knowledge of Video DJing and can run completely on its own, but it also allows DJs to fine tune the visuals and blend them with custom logos, texts, pictures and videos.

Visikord works with any music the DJ is playing as the visuals react to movements. If you connect the DJ’s mixer audio out to the mic input of the PC running Visikord (or play music on the same computer), dancers can also play simple rhythm dance games where they produce visual effects on the beat detected in real time.  In the Advanced edition the user can customize the graphics with own pictures and videos and optionally feed the software live video in from another source that is then blended with the dancers.

Users of PCDJ can run Visikord in parallel on the same PC (Core i3 or better recommended) and alternate between DEX 3 video output and the Visikord video. Because it runs in parallel, it is safe for PCDJ.


Who is Visikord for?

Visikord software is for mobile entertainers who have a big screen (TV or projector) at their parties — for mobile and video DJing, entertainment in bars, clubs, at concerts, entertainment for children, corporate events and more. Visikord

experience is for people on the dance floor; the freestyle and games offer what they can’t find on any console — fast, reactive and precise control, with dancers themselves on the screen, and most importantly dancing and playing together to live music.

DJs can describe it to clients as “Dance Visual Effects Synthesizer” or informally as “It’s like Dance Dance Revolution for your hands to live music!”


Key Points of Interest

  • Dancers are the stars and the controllers!
  • Visikord: Dance video synthesizer for kids and adults — software for stunning live interactive visuals on the dance floor
  • Let your guests blow up colors, fire lasers, and shoot lightnings with their dance to your music!
  • For PC + Kinect “eye” (XBox is not needed; used Kinects @$25) + any projector or TV
  • Knowledge of VJ-ing not required, software can work on its own — dancers drive the visuals


Quotes And User Testimonials 

  • “Kids at Bar Mitzvahs love it!”

    Bobby Morganstein, CEO, Production/Entertainment/Venues, Huntingdon Valley, PA, USA
  • “This is way beyond dancers on your video screens” Ryan Burger, founder, Mobile Beat US magazine and trade show
  • “Kids will play with Starfall [live beat dance game in Visikord] all night if you let them.”
    Mike Wild, Wedding DJ and Videographer, Workington, UK
  • “Everyone has been blown away!”
    Jacob Montgomery, Technology Coordinator, Planet Kidz Inc.
  • “I am very impressed.”
    Lee More, Vice President of Operations, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
  • “Visikord is FANTASTIC… and so is your customer service!”
    Hal Hilburn, owner, YellowPix Event Photos, St. George, UT, USA
  • “I must thank you people for the awesome software, it has been a big hit at a few club and outdoor parties already!”
    Lindsay Heffernan, event organizer/VJ, Canberra, Australia
  • “Girls loved it so much, there was like 20 of them all trying to dance in front of it, so we had to call the bouncers up actually to remove them”
    Chris Topolski, owner, Extreme Illumination & Sound, Buffalo, New York, USA


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Video Showcase

Clubs and Dancers:

Kids Entertainment:

Hardware Requirements:

  • Microsoft Kinect standalone for XBox,  (new or used)

o    You need only the camera, which plugs into the PC’s USB port. XBox is not needed.

o    If Kinect that has no power supply (came bundled with XBox 360 and has an orange connector instead of USB), you will need this adapter.

  • Laptop or PC with Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Dual-core CPU (Intel core i3 3rd gen. or equivalent recommended for Business Upgrade features)
    • Integrated Intel HD4000 GPU or better for 720p graphics
  • Any projector or TV