Karaoke Pro Tip - Separate Audio Outputs

Karaoki Pro Tip | Using A Separate Audio Output For The Background Music Player

Last week we published "3 Lesser Known But Kick A** Karaoki Features" to the blog, pointing out features karaoke hosts may not know about our karaoke software - but should. One of the three listed features was: Use independent Sound…
Most Popular Music Video Downloads From The Video Pool (March 2016)

Most Popular Music Video Downloads @ The Video Pool

Trending Music Videos At TheVideoPool.com If you're a VDJ and you don't already know -- The Video Pool is your source for HD MP4 music video downloads! All genre's, all decades with a heavy slathering of custom video remixes, DJ-friendly…
Automatic Gain in DJ software explained

DJ Software Feature Spotlight | Perceptual Automatic Gain

Perceptual Automatic Gain is a feature found in both of our DJ mixing software platforms, DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3, but what is it? Perceptual Automatic Gain can essentially be summed up in basic (although technically it's far from "basic")…
Larger Rotation List in Karaoki

Karaoki's New "Search Results" Tab Expands Rotation List Viewing Area

Viewing areas for both search results and the rotation list in our karaoke software just blew up! Karaoki public-beta releases (0.8.5911 and up) have introduced a new "search results" option on the left hand navigation pane column in the…
Pulselocker is Available In More Countries

Pulselocker Is Now Available In More Countries

DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 DJ software users located in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium can now try Pulselocker free for 14 days. Pulselocker is the DJ-centric in-app subscription service baked into both PCDJ DJ…
Advanced Search at Pulselocker.com

Pulselocker Website Now Includes "Advanced Search" Feature

Pulselocker is worlds first streaming subscription service designed just for DJs. It's baked into both DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 DJ programs, providing DJs with in-app access to over 44 million songs. Consider it the "Spotify for DJs". The…
Provide PCDJ feature suggestions

We Want Your Feedback | What Features Would You Like To See Added?

Over the last 17 years we've pioneered DJ software and karaoke software technologies. Many of PCDJ's initial innovations in the performance software space were dreamt-up in the collective minds of our much-smarter-than-I developers. In…
10 Must Play Songs on St Patrick's Day for DJs

10 Must-Play Songs On St Patrick's Day For DJs

We had one of our resident DJs compile his list of 10 Must-Play St Patrick's Day songs for DJs. Ah, St Patrick's Day. A day many of us pretend we have a bit of Irish descent in our veins as an excuse (as if needed) to drink copious amounts…
DEX 3 prevent screen 2 from being minimized

DEX 3 Pro Tip | How-To Access Desktop Or Other Applications Without Screen 2 Video Minimizing

We've all been there... You're at a mobile event mixing music videos with DEX 3 and you receive a request for a video you don't have in your collection that you need to fill in a pinch. You have internet access and have the capability…
Karaoke hits in Karaoke Cloud Pro March 2016

Karaoke Subscription | New Tunes This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro

Tracks to get everybody movin'.  This weeks Karaoke Cloud Pro update includes a little something for everyone. A selection of tracks so fun, they're sure to make you the hero of your next karaoke night. Even the wallflowers can't resist…
Behringer CMD Studio 4A is PCDJ supported

DJ Controllers | Behringer CMD STUDIO 4a Now PCDJ Supported

The Behringer CMD STUDIO 4a DJ controller map for DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 is now available for download. Our controller-mapping guru's just wrapped up support for the Behringer CMD STUDIO 4a. You can download the map file below and use…
3 Karaoke Software Features You Should know

3 Lesser Known But Kick A** Karaoki Features

Over the last 7 years Karaoki has grown into the markets most robust, feature-rich karaoke software for professional KJs. Free updates are released often, with public betas posted to our Karaoki user forum almost every week. It's our customers,…