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VJ / DJ Software


  • Up to 4 Full-Featured DJ Decks
  • Mix Audio and Music Videos
  • Karaoke with Singers List/Key Adjust
  • Key Lock and BPM Sync
  • Effects and Vinyl Emulation
  • Beat-Grid for Perfect Mixes
  • Supports 70+ DJ Controllers


Mobile DJ Software

  • Classic 2 DJ Decks And Mixer
  • Mix Audio Files: Auto or Manual
  • Basic Karaoke Support
  • Key Lock and BPM Sync
  • Effects and Vinyl Emulation
  • Supports 65+ DJ Controllers


Karaoke Software


  • Professional Karaoke Software
  • Advanced Singer Rotation List
  • Key Control
  • Singer Management and History
  • Background Music Player
  • Karaoke Stores /Karaoke Cloud Pro
  • SongBookDB Remote Song Request Support

Latest News


DJ Controllers | Denon DN-MC6000 MKII Mapping File For DEX 3

The original Denon DN-MC6000 has long been a very popular DJ controller with DEX 3 users (myself included), especially mobile DJs due to it’s fairly compact size, 19″ rackmount support and easy navigation.   The newer Denon DN-MC6000 MKII version improves on many features and overall performance, and is likely the DJ controller we’ve receive the most requests to support […]

DEX DJ iPad App

iPad DJ

This is not a game! DJ DEX turns your iPad into veritable DJ software solution that rivals features including in top professional DJ applications. Automatic BPM Sync, interactive beat-grid based waveforms, pitch/tempo control, scratching, quantized seamless looping, effects and more are candy for your fingertips. See for yourself and take it for a spin today.

70+ Compatible DJ Controllers

DJ Controllers provide hands-on tactile control over PCDJ DEX 3 and PCDJ RED Mobile 3, allowing for more creativity while mixing. Over 70 DJ controllers from popular DJ equipment manufacturers are natively supported, which means zero-configuration for you so you can get into the mix right away. When you press a button, twist a knob or scratch a platter on your DJ controller PCDJ will react immediately, without latency.

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